YouTube: CDC Director Admits Vaccines Trigger Autism

Before we get to the video of Dr. Julie Gerberding of the Centers for Disease Control, watch this YouTube video of an interview of lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. by another lawyer discussing the data that vaccinations are causing autism in some children. Mr. Kennedy refers to the “proof” that this isn’t so as “classic tobacco science”; unfortunately, the story is rife with bureaucrats, a secret meeting and … I’ll let you decide:

That’s pretty sickening, although to many of us, this is not new news. Now, having seen that (and note that I’m not sure whether it was conducted before the next interview), view the video below with Dr. Julie Gerberding, Director of the Centers for Disease Control, and note the difference in tone and approach:

Go Organic! for Earthday Grocery Makeover Contest

We received a tip from someone associated with Go Organic! for Earthday about their Grocery Makeover Contest. Curious about the title, I hopped over to It was, as described, “a national campaign that educates and increases consumer awareness of the benefits of organic food and agriculture.”

As I’m <secretly> a fan of a few cooking shows <will I lose my web industry geek status if I admit to watching a reality show or two?>, I’ve come to appreciate what it takes to excel in the high art of cooking well.

Kefir — history, information and a kefir recipe

Centuries old cultured milk beverage from Russia

Kefir, traditionally pronounced ke-feer’, but spoken as kee’-fer in the West, is a many-centuries-old cultured milk beverage from Northern Russia. Kefir is a fermented milk drink prepared with kefir grains (see the spoon in the picture).

Flavored kefir drinks, mostly, have found their way to market in the USA because North American consumers have not scored unflavored kefir high in sensory evaluations — it has a tart, somewhat “yeasty” taste with a mouthfeel described as “prickly” or “sparkling” due to the liberation of the carbon dioxide gas (CO2) as the culturing progresses.

Black Pepper and Cinnamon Essential Oils  

Give a Strong, Tasty and Intense Edge to Food and Drink

Black pepper and cinnamon give a strong woody edge to food and drink that is intense and spicy. For over 2000 years, these two spices have been tasty preservatives for perishable foods and used, either accidentally or on purpose, as potent medicine. With wild honey(itself almost a panacea) to make the bitter plant remedies more palatable, we still have available a powerful legacy of pure and effective food from the days of our ancestors.

Cholesterol – an obsolete medical myth

Cholesterol is an obsolete medical myth that needs to bite the dust! There’s a new study that’s found that low levels of cholesterol can actually reduce the beneficial muscle gain from exercising. Medical researchers at Texas A&M University looked at 55 healthy men and women in their 60s. Lead researcher Steven Reichman, a professor of health there, admitted, “Needless to say, these findings caught us totally off guard”.

Don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food

Before Michael Pollan’s book, In Defense of Food, was published, I read an article of his in the New York Times Magazine. It was brilliant, and, from it, I started quoting that sentence about grandmother — don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food. Keep in mind that some folks are young enough that they may need to remember how their great-grandmothers ate.

How to transport and store farm-fresh raw milk

Some of you may be purchasing your raw milk directly from the farm. Here are some tips about how to transport and store your farm-fresh raw milk.

Chill raw milk within an hour of milking

Raw milk is approximately 99-102 degrees Fahrenheit (F) as it comes from the cow, and needs to be chilled to 40°F as fast as possible, preferably within an hour of milking since bacteria count doubles every 20 minutes at body temperature. Chilling the milk fast ensures a longer shelf life — and it just tastes better (will have less “off flavors”) if it is chilled quickly and stays cool. (If milk does not stay cool, it will sour and separate.)

Pasteurizing Milk Destroys Essential Nutrients

Although not many people know it, pasteurizing milk destroys essential nutrients in the milk. How?


Pasteurizing milk destroys beneficial bacteria along with the bad ones and destroys enzymes essential for nutrient absorption. Pasteurizing milk destroys all its phosphatase; this is essential for the absorption of calcium, and calcium works with Vitamin D, not only available through sunshine but is an essential nutrient in raw cream. Nature packaged a superb design for human sustenance in milk as it comes from the cow with all original essential nutrients — so long as it is not pasteurized. Heating any raw food destroys the active enzymes, so lipase (an enzyme unique to milk and needed to complete digestion of fats) is blasted along with many other essential nutrients that pasteurization destroys.

Key to Safe Raw Milk from Cows

If there could be a master key to safe raw milk, I think it would be contented cows. Remember Elsie, the Borden cow? Their slogan used to be “Milk from Contented Cows”, when safe milk first became synonymous with pasteurization. Today’s dairy cows have strayed way out of Elsie’s pasture. These cows may not produce raw milk that is safe because Elsie’s descendants spend their brief lives entirely indoors, living on field corn and soybeans to the degradation of their milk and the degeneration of the nation’s health.

Cutco Knives Review

As we’ve had our collection of Cutco knives and implements for almost two years, I thought it was time to post a Cutco cutlery review.

History: almost two years ago, our friend Deanna Scortino made an appointment with us to view her Cutco cutlery, which we assumed was a collection of high-end knives. I’ll admit that I had zero interest and zero intention of buying knives, so I easily agreed. Maybe one, but that was all. <grin>

Deanna showed up with a large collection of knives, scissors, cooking utensils, other implements and brochures, and began her demonstration. Sure, she’s a goodsalesperson, but suffice it to say that it wasn’t long before I could see the obvious superiority of the knives