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Disclaimer & Terms of Use

The articles published on WeWantOrganicFood.com contain our opinion (and the opinions of the respective authors), based upon our experiences and those we may quote or paraphrase. We do not claim to be experts with respect to every science, company, foodstuff, product, procedure or service we cover, and so such information may contain errors or inaccuracies in addition to accurate information. Still, we do our best.

Links to other sites are provided as a help to our website visitors; we cannot be responsible for their contents.

By your use of this website, you acknowledge the above and agree that the information on this website, including text and images, is presented "as is," without warranty of any kind as to their truthfulness, accuracy, or suitability for any purpose, and that your reliance upon and/or use of this information is your own responsibility. Please feel free to seek a second opinion.

The information contained on this website is provided by We Want Organic Food ("WWOF") as a free public service without express or implied warranties of any kind. By your use of this website, you expressly agree to all of the following terms and conditions:

(1) This website is for informational purposes only. This website is not intended as a diagnostic tool, professional medical advice regarding diagnosis or treatment, or a substitute for a professional medical diagnosis, opinion or suggested course of treatment by a qualified health care professional, nor is it to be relied upon with regard to diagnosis or treatment. We assume no responsibility for what you do with the information contained on this website. Medical problems, particularly those of a serious nature, should be treated by a doctor in person. Please see your doctor for a professional diagnosis and treatment for any medical conditions you may have.

(2) No Claim of Accuracy or Completeness. WWOF makes no promises or warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in this website and/or any pages accessible from this website, nor do WWOF make any promise or warranty to maintain or update this information.

(3) No Warranties of Suitability for Use. WWOF makes no express or implied warranties regarding the accuracy, currency, completeness or suitability for any purpose of any information contained on this website.

(4) Assumption of Risk of Use. Any person using this website assumes the risk of verifying any materials contained herein, as well as the risk of use and/or reliance on such information. WWOF shall not be liable for any damages for viewing, distributing, copying and/or relying upon these materials, including any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

(5) No Physician/Patient Relationship or Confidential Relationship. Use by any person of this website does not establish a Physician/Patient relationship or confidential relationship with WWOF.

(6) No Expectation of Privacy. It is expressly understood that there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in your use of this website.

(7) Do not send private information to our webmaster.
If you need help with a medical condition, please contact your doctor or our office. WWOF claim no responsibility for or ability to control the transmission of personal information via the Internet.

(8) Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule.
This website contains no forums, online chats or the like, and no email addresses with the exception of the webmaster email address, which is intended solely for reporting problems with the website to our webmaster. Therefore, no information regarding children is collected.

(9) Non-Confidentiality. It is expressly understood and agreed that there is no expectation of privacy or establishment of any confidential or Physician/Patient relationship in the submission of email to our website email address(es). To the extent that any such relationship can be deemed to exist, it is waived.

WWOF reserve the right not to answer any questions submitted by email, for any reason or no reason whatsoever. Again, if you suspect you need medical treatment, please see a qualified health care professional.

(10) Links. This website may contain links to other sites. These are provided for your convenience. We have no control over the content of such linked sites, and we make no representations or warranties regarding them and assume no responsibity for their content, nor does inclusion of links to other websites constitute our endorsement of their content.

(11) Indemnification/Hold Harmless. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless WWOF and their officers, directors, employees, agents, information providers and supplies and website designers and maintainers from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable attorneys's fees, resulting from any violation of this agreement.

(12) Waiver, Release and Limitation of Liability. You agree that neither WWOF, nor their officers, directors, agents, information providers or suppliers or website designers and website maintainers shall have any liability to you under any theory of liability or indemnity in connection with your use of this website. You hereby release and forever waive any and all claims you may have against WWOF, their officers, directors, agents, information providers or suppliers or website designers and maintainers (including but not limited to claims based upon the negligence of WWOF, their officers, directors, agents, information providers or suppliers or website designers and maintainers) for losses or damages you sustain in connection with your use of this website.

(13) Miscellaneous. This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, United States of America.

Should you have questions or wish to provide feedback, please contact us.

Copyrights & Trademarks

© 2007 VigilArts Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.

WeWantOrganicFood.com is owned and operated by VigilArts Inc. Any and all other trademarks displayed on this website are the property of their respective owners.

WeWantOrganicFood.com is in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the occasional use of thumbnail versions of images; however, most of the photographs on this website were either taken by us or used with the permission of and/or license from the copyright owner. See also Gigalaw and Findlaw.

Obtaining permission to utilize our copyrighted works. We may, on occasion, grant permission to select websites and companies to utilize specific portions of our copyrighted works. Such permission must be granted by us in writing prior to usage, and we will require full, visible accreditation of our authorship and ownership of the materials in a manner to be specified at the time but likely to include a clickable link to WeWantOrganicFood.com. Please contact us if you are interested in using our copyrighted materials.

No Unauthorized Usage Permitted. In accordance with United States and international copyright laws, we do not, by the act of publishing this website on the Web, grant permission to copy and/or use our materials elsewhere. No portion of this website may be copied, transmitted or published in any form in any media, except as normal "browser download" and/or snippets of text under Fair Use provisions of copyright laws without prior written authorization from WeWantOrganicFood.com/Vigil Ant Productions. Additionally, we may employ watermarking and/or identification and tracking services with respect to our copyrighted materials, and to take all actions we deem to be fit and appropriate in order to enforce our copyrights. If you discover our copyrighted materials in use elsewhere or have questions in this regard, we ask that you contact us.

The unauthorized use of our copyrighted works constitutes copyright infringement even if proper accreditation is given. In addition to steps we may take to protect our copyrighted works, we will also utilize the protections of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in encouraging web hosts to remove our content from offending websites. Note that:

  1. The Fair Use provisions of copyright law allow usage of portions of a text for purposes of discussion, along with proper accreditation.
  2. See also Archive.org Wayback Machine and Copyscape.com.

We document each case of copyright infringement, and may share this information with legal authorities, the public, web hosts and search engines.

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