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What's an organic food website without covering the basics? This is an ongoing list of our favorite articles at wewantorganicfood.com, written in our plain-English, easy-to-digest style.


  1. Thomas Jefferson quote is apropos to our times
  2. Truth and Blogging from Authority

About Organic Food

  1. What is Organic Food?
  2. Organic Food - Overview
  3. Definition of Organic Food takes a hit
    How the USDA characterizes the levels of organic food labeling — with chart.
  4. Raw Milk versus Pasteurized Milk

Food Basics

  1. Processed Food and Nutrition
  2. What are antioxidants?
  3. What are carbohydrates?
  4. Butter versus margarine - are they good for you?
  5. What fats or oils are good for me (or not)?
  6. Saturated Fats versus partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and trans fats
  7. What is Protein?
  8. Blood Sugar & Healthy Eating

Life & Health Issues

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