What is mercury poisoning?

It’s hard for me to believe that someone would decide for me that mercury in silver fillings are okay … well, here we have that authoritarian “we don’t think it will harm you” adjudication again. But they’re apparently not addressing the issue of mercury poisoning.

Mercury is highly toxic, poisonous and inimical to our bodies. When I had all the silver/mercury tooth fillings taken out, I had an upsurge of energy. My ears stopped ringing. I did better physically. So don’t tell me that small amounts of poison won’t adversely affect me.

How to make organic ice cream

I’d wondered (before we got our ice cream maker) just how to make organic ice cream. Given that you have a method of making ice cream — that is, turning ingredients into ice cream — it’s not difficult at all. The main issue is getting the organic ingredients.

We’ve been using organic ingredients to make our ice cream — which includes agave as a sweetener (see my article entitled Organic Agave: the honey substitute). I have to say that it’s just delicious. Of course, you could use honey instead or –gasp!– sugar; it’s your choice and we’re not here to dictate what anyone can eat. I will say that, if you use agave, you won’t feel the need for sugar.

Why Eat Organic Food?

The question “Why eat organic food?” is a good one. The main reason, in broad terms, is to foster in the body what we call homeostatic “intelligence” — where “homeostasis” is that state where every vital biological process within a living organism is functioning to create a state of perfectly balanced wellness.

Simply put, organic foods work more efficiently toward restoring and maintaining balance and homeostasis in people who consume them rather than foods that are fed chemicals and harvested from the resulting barren soil.