I did not set out, back in 2007, to write an article panning Chinese goods. How that came to be was simply that I was reading here and there, and kept noticing warnings against various Chinese goods. Not from "alarmists"; no, these sources were the New York Times, among others. Finally, I set about making a list, which eventually became Questioning Chinese Imports. And now, nearly three years later, we have … Chinese Drywall.

The Chinese government has railed in the past, accusing those who issued warnings against Chinese goods — these were specific warnings about specific goods, not wild generalities about all things Chinese — were politically motivated.

Seriously? Can they really have their heads in the sand? One would think not.

So, the Chinese drywall issue can be found the following PDF file (link below). Here’s the abstract:

Abstract: Drywall from China has been reported to release sulfur producing products which are corrosive to metals, result in noxious odors, and represent a significant health risk. It has been reported that these emissions produce medical symptoms such as respiratory or asthma type problems, sinusitis, gastrointestinal disorders, and vision problems in home owners and their household pets. We report here a method of identifying a causative agent for these emissions by sampling affected gypsum wallboard …. One hundred percent of affected drywall samples obtained from homes located in the southeastern United States tested positive for the presence of T. ferrooxidans. All negative controls consisting of unaffected wallboard and internal controls, Geotrichum sp., tested negative within our limits of detection.

http://www.chinesedrywall.com/files/molecular_sciences_study.pdf from the International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Not so good. There are lawsuits involved.

And, on top of the above, affected Chinese drywall can also corrode wiring, and apparently not only the drywall but the wiring must be removed and replaced.

I bolded the portion in the above quote to emphasize it, as we are currently in the "Southeastern United States" — that is, the South. This is a huge issue. Imagine buying a home, only to find that you need to remove large portions of its drywall and replace wiring. I’d guess the cost would be hefty.

Let’s not even hear that protests are "politically motivated". If your stuff is harming people, and causing them financial distress, you’d do better to police it than to complain that anyone’s complaining.

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