Organic Gardening CategoryGiven the state of the economy in the last few years and as it’s likely to be for an unforeseeable time, and given the occasional difficulties in determining whether the food obtained from our local big-name organic/natural food store is truly organic, we’ve decided to focus a bit on organic gardening.

Anyone who’s had the opportunity to taste produce fresh from the garden has likely experienced the heightened taste that fresh produce — non-frozen, non-refrigerated, non-sprayed, non-crated for thousands of miles — can give you.

This doesn’t have to be difficult, or require acres of space to do — we’ll be following up with articles on organic soil, how to grow your garden, and other elements that will help you to grow your own produce.

Seeds can be gotten from various sources — organic seeds, or legacy seeds. Organic soil — which, in my experience, is very different from "regular" soil — can also be purchased. I’ll be doing a follow-up on that.

And so, we’ve started our new Organic Gardening category.

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