So I was sitting around the other evening (a while back, when we were back in Los Angeles), wondering why I felt … rather worn out, with strange achy pains in my legs. I normally don’t get sick (and I wasn’t), so that wasn’t it.

After pondering a while, I wondered if it could be due to something that Dr. Mercola mentioned … that Many People May Be Deficient in Vitamin B-12.

Not sure why that occurred to me, but — since I’m sometimes a better shopper than a do-er — as it turned out, Dr. Mercola had already sold me on the idea of B12, and there it was, sitting on my desk. Mighty convenient for me!

So I took a quick spray (it comes in a spray bottle — see the picture to the right) and -surprise!- minutes later, I felt better. No more heaviness in the legs. No more achy-ness.

As it turns out, Vitamin B-12 (or a lack thereof) strongly impacts your energy level, among other things. I find that, if I use it for a day or so, I’m not needing it so much for a few more days.

I’m not sure what this means in terms of my general diet, levels of exercise or ::cough:: age, but that’s the long and the short of it. I also sent a bottle of it (I’d bought three, for some reason) to our friend Lynn Cameron, who reported great results in terms of energy.

Or, as she said, it performed "as advertised".

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2 Comments for "Aches, Energy and Vitamin B12"

  1. Damon

    You’ll love this article I have been trying to memorize lately. Great information….but lots of it :|
    Great day to you!

  2. Diane Vigil

    Thanks Damon. I haven’t been through the whole thing, but it looks like good information.

    And good day to you!

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