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Organic Wheat Bread

A baker has been born!

In our continuing desire to improve our understanding and our eating methods in order to improve our health and not pull in some catastrophic illness at the end of our lives, we decided to make our own bread.

So we purchased a Zojirushi. My wife did all the research on different bread making machines and came to the conclusion that Zojirushi was the best bread maker for us. My mother also has one. So does an absolute food and health Guru and friend of ours that we always obtain great advice from Lynn Cameron from upstate New York. (Lynn also has a Zojirushi, and also graces our blog with her informative articles and her participation. She constantly adds her know-how while growing ours.)

Well, we got this great machine yesterday and I went out and bought mostly organic foodstuff and made some bread.

Zojirushi Bread Machine
The Zojirushi Bread Machine Model BBCC-X20

I made sure to watch most of the steps as the Zojirushi took the the bread through its journey from a bunch of ingredients dumped into a baking pan, to preheat, mixing, kneading, rises, to stretching the dough so that it baked evenly in the pan, to its final conclusion.

We spread some soft butter on the final product, which was still warm. I’d call it natural whole wheat bread with NO preservatives; NO health-ruining oil (bread made with partially hydrogenated oil); No genetically modified flour. It was nutritious whole wheat bread and melted butter. It was fantastic!

It is our habit to eat starch products such as whole wheat bread with some sort of oil, such as butter, because the oil slows down the metabolism of the wheat into one’s blood stream — and the amount of insulin doesn’t get turned up and fat tends not to store up in one’s body.

I’ve decided to experiment and make different kinds of bread. Being a neophyte to baking bread, I realize that we get to add this area of our diet in a more safe and healthy way. And this very much agrees with me and my stomach! And with my wife too!

If anyone has any suggestions on different things, it would be nice to read them.

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3 Comments for "Neophyte (newbie) makes first loaf of wheat bread with a Zojirushi BBCC-X20"

  1. Diane Vigil

    Ah, so you’re asking for suggestions. I suggest you get a FoodSaver tomorrow so that we can seal up all this wonderful food. <grin>

    Seriously, I was amazed that the Zojirushi took our first try and gave us such a delicious loaf of bread. I thought we’d been buying good bread at <name your favorite organic market> but this makes them taste like half-dead processed food.

    Another thing to love about the Zojirushi is it’s timer … you can dump in the ingredients at night, set the timer, and have beautiful, warm fresh-baked bread when you rise in the morning. Could life be any better?

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