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The other day, apropos of nothing much at all, George uttered these words:

"I want to make our own butter."

Being a true city girl and <web geek>, this stopped me dead in my tracks. I had visions of an upright wooden churn and George <surely not me> pumping away industriously (or is that stoically?) until someday it turned into butter of some sort.

This is just around the time he also mentioned that he wanted us to make our own bread. In all truth, given what we’ve found with the state of (some) foods in this country, we’ve been looking at making more and more of our food by hand. This means shopping for more small kitchen appliances and <if you’re a web geek like me> doing a bit of reading reviews and shopping online.

That said, we’re not able to get the heavy raw cream we’d need to make butter. Yes, we’re going to give it a try with the light raw cream, but I am not sure how it will come out — but we’ll report here when we try it.

At any rate, here’s a video showing how to make butter from cream in a stand mixer. Enjoy.

More on this later. <grin>

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6 Comments for "How to make your own butter"

  1. Lynn Cameron

    Here’s a link to an electric butter churn and cream separators too:
    They are not inexpensive appliances so a good source of heavy cream would be a good plan before the investment, I would think.

    Let us know how your first butter turned out for you.

  2. Lynn Cameron

    I saw that cream on the video. I\’d make butter from it if I could find it in the marketplace anywhere. Sometimes, I just have to settle for what is available.

    I note it has no additives and is merely pasteurized, not ultra-pasteurized. It\’s the protein in the liquid milk that is so damaged by pasteurization, and you can see him pouring the buttermilk away from the butter fat many times. Furthermore, since the fat has not been brutally fractionated by the ultra pasteurized process, the butter will be much more digestible and taste a whole lot better. The more yellow your butter, of course, the higher the Vitamin A content, as a general rule. Cows grazing on good green grass give very yellow butter.

  3. Diane Vigil

    Thanks, Lynn. Unfortunately, all we’re able to get close enough to us is light cream. (We asked the dairy farmer, and heavy cream was a no-go — at least for now.) Hopefully, we’ll be able to try it out one day.

  4. South Carolina’s Milky Way Farm sells the greatest raw milk and cream

    […] I also use the cream in our homemade baked bread. At some point I want to see if I can make some butter, since I notice that the cream is pretty thick — while it's labeled as “light […]

  5. tricia knowles

    if i use organic valley heavy whipping cream, will that produce good butter. also, is it important that the cream not be real cold?

  6. Diane Vigil

    Hi Tricia. Heavy whipping cream ought to work. I’m not sure how cold you’re thinking, but give it a try. And let us know how it turns out!

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