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A healthy lifestyleI’ve been listening to the President speak of health reform and to tell you I’ve been skeptical due to the Senator Baucus proposal, which doesn’t really reform the problem of overpriced health care. Instead, I wonder if this all isn’t a public relations ploy to cover that the insurance industry, as a whole, is just the opening up of a new market. The market of making younger, healthier citizens pay for something they don’t need or want.

If our government forces every one of us to have to pay for health insurance and there is no governor on the health insurance industry, just like there are not that many governors on the financial industry so that such an industry can pull a planet-wide pump and dump scheme with the mortgage backed stocks, crash the financial system and get away with it, and then force our government to bail them out (they dumped their financial crimes on the people of the United States and had us cover their bets), a situation will eventually develop where the payment for insurance will approach the equivalent of a mortgage payment! Oh, yeah, it’s already there!

I’m concerned that it is going to become overpriced health care for ALL! Not just overpriced health care for those who can still afford it.

The money is forced to flow to insurance companies who don’t have to do anything for that money, except collect it. It is obtaining something for nothing. Pretty slick! Forty-five million more customers forced into the health care industry. Forced health care on the younger citizens who don’t need health care.

Those young (and healthy) U.S. citizens are then not spending their hard earned money on other areas that would make them happy, such as an affordable home, flat screens, autos — you know: pursuing what makes them happy.

The lobbyists (insert — guys who represent the various business zones who “convince” politicians, state and federal, to pass laws that create markets for those business zones, which tends to be a forced-upon-us-because-we-don’t-want-it market — under the umbrella of the "free market" concept) give money to the politicians in order to sway those politicians in a certain direction that the various business industries want. And it appears that those politicians usually do what they were given money to do.

But if the government were to pass a health care law that lowers the cost of health care to a price that everyone could afford and not allow the insurance companies a "free market" approach (meaning: having no laws that protect consumers from rampant we-must-gather-in-all-the-money-we-can-without-delivering-something-in-exchange — you know, the usual corporate mind set such as that which was exhibited recently by the Wall Street Banks, which we have to pay for.) … but it appears that that’s too much to hope for.

Instead, the government appears to be clearing the way for the health care industry to force 45 million citizens to pay for health insurance that they may not need — and paying for health insurance is not the same as lowering health costs.

How we stay healthy

Our own personal direction, how we stay healthy without government help or insurance, is to eat healthy organic food. You know: natural food. No preservatives in the food. No pesticides in the food. No estrogen or antibiotics in the meats. No MSG. We stay away from chemicals in food, as well as toxic chemicals, such as toxic cleaners, toxic chemicals in soaps, dish soap and clothes cleaners, toxic rug shampoos. We don’t live near toxic dumps, we filter our water, etc., in short, we steer clear of the chemical poisons in our environment and food. We’re middle-aged, and we’ve been relatively healthy all our lives.

I’ve never had a flu shot. I’ve gotten the flu, but my body fought it off each time. We also use various organic essential oils (such as Thieves oil), which appear to kill the flu bugs now. We don’t get injected with the flu bug along with mercury, used as a preservative, which is a poison, so that our systems can fight off the flu bug. (It’s called getting a flu shot. See our article CDC Director Admits Vaccines Trigger Autism.) And I don’t care if someone from Harvard or the FDA says mercury taken in small doses is relatively safe. Poison is poison! That poison taken with all the other poisons in one’s environment and food do add up to a general condition of POISONED! And after that comes the condition of sick. DUH! That is our insurance!

A good reference on how to eat healthy is: Nourishing Traditions, The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats by Sally Fallon with Mary G. Enig, Ph.D.

Note: Thieves Oil got its name from the Dark Ages and the Black Plague. Some people who working in a soap factory found that they could rob corpses with impunity during the Black Plague. They used a blend of essential oils consisting of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon and Rosemary. Hence the name Thieves Oil.

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1 Comment for "Health care reform; a possible healthy direction"

  1. Diane Vigil

    You have a point. It also brings to mind Dr. Mercola’s comment (see my post Dr. Mercola on Vaccines:

    There are basic differences between naturally acquired immunity and temporary vaccine-induced antibody production. But few are willing to look at this issue – least of all conventional medicine, which in reality is ruled by pharmaceutical companies.

    I think most colds and flus are not something that require that we must constantly inject ourselves to protect against. It seems way over the top.

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