As covered in our Food Safety Still High Risk to Economy, in February 2009, Congresswoman Rose L. DeLauro of Connecticut introduced the Food Safety Modernization Act which would establish a new, separate Food Safety Administration within the USDA, this legislation would provide the regulatory tools to access important records, recall products and penalize companies for knowingly selling tainted products. As we noted, Rep. DeLauro is married to Stanley Greenburg, who works for Monsanto, which seems not to have been the champion of organic food. But there’s more news, this time from Natural News:

Worry is building over the effects of the Food Safety and Modernization Act of 2009, otherwise known as HR 875. This is the bill currently working its way through Congress that would effectively hand over control of America’s food supply to such a nefarious giant as Monsanto and its lesser counterparts such as Tyson and Cargill. We have a right to worry, because broad interpretation of this bill reveals its potential to put an end to healthy food in America. Family farms, local growers, organic producers, and even backyard gardeners can all be put out of business by its heavy hand. Yet an even greater threat may be looming at the front end of the controversy over the food supply as harvests of genetically modified foods begin to fail.

GMO corn plants fail to produce kernels

Farmers in South Africa have suffered millions of dollars in lost income due to the failure of their genetically modified (GMO) corn to produce kernels. The three varieties of plants look lush and healthy from the outside, but when the husks were pulled back there are no kernels. Monsanto’s GMO corn was planted on 82,000 hectares of farmland, an amount that equals over 202,000 acres. The loss is spread over three South African provinces, and 280 of the 1,000 farmers who planted the corn have reported the lack of kernel development.

Monsanto uses insidious plan to gain control of world food supply

Monsanto has pushed around farmers to the point where they cannot simply refuse to buy Monsanto’s GMO seeds.

This is important stuff.
Read the full article at Natural News:

South African GMO Crop Failure Highlights Dangers of Food Supply Domination

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4 Comments for "HR 875 not so healthy for food supply?"

  1. Lynn Cameron

    Thanks for keeping up the good fight at getting this important news out. I watched the film by Deborah Koons Garcia, THE FUTURE OF FOOD, last week on its national TV debut. Actually, I came in nearly at the end of it and was so disappointed to miss it that I ordered the dvd from planning on sharing it with my Weston A. Price group. says if you eat food, you need to see this movie. Christian Science Monitor rates it Grade A with a stunning revelation in almost every scene. WWOFs new favorite newspaper, The New York Times, called it quietly inflammatory and unsettling. I really liked the bonus cd with excerpts from Michael Pollan (before he got so famous) and other activists informative with some useful sharing tools.

    I should point out that this film has been out 4 years. Things are slow to get to my neck of the northwoods. Judging the urgency of the message – there’s no time to lose.

  2. Lynn Cameron

    The Organic Consumers Association has been harassed for the second time this month by sophisticated hackers looking to shut down their monthly newsletter, ORGANIC BYTES.

    Among other timely issues their Political Plunder for the Week calls for immediate action re: appointment of one, Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto executive who has a long history of lobbying for Monsanto and fast tracking Monsanto’s controversial rBGH while at the Food and Drug Administration. Taylor is a case study of the “revolving door,” having worked within the USDA and FDA, as well as Monsanto. The Future of Food movie covers this revolving door concept. It’s shocking in its scope and has been amazingly successful. Together we can put a cog in the door’s mechanism. Please go to: and take the few minutes to weigh in on this far-reaching issue. And then take their easy method to spread the word far and wide.

  3. Lynn Cameron

    I slipped up above when I neglected to mention that Monsanto-man MICHAEL TAYLOR is proposed to HEAD UP, LEAD, & DIRECT the proposed Food Safety Administration. It looks as though Mr. Stanley Greenburg and his wife might just have a(heavy?)hand on the key to said revolving door through the bill HR875.

    Knowledge is power – OCA might be flattered to be so targeted if it weren’t so aggravating and bloody expensive for a non-profit like they are.

  4. Food Safety Still High Risk to Economy

    […] ADDED April 14, 2009: HR 875 not so healthy for food supply? […]

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