We’d heard that the California Department of Food and Agriculture had settled with Organic Pastures over the CDFA’s recall of OP products in 2007. It’s my understanding that settled generally means (as Answers.com puts it):

To come to an agreement, especially to resolve a lawsuit out of court.

And it may involve payment by one of the settling parties to the other. From Organic Pastures’ News page, we have the Settlement Agreement between the CDFA and Organic Pastures.

I don’t know about you, but it seems that the vagueness with which it’s written leaves much to be imagined or assumed, which is a strange way of writing a legal document; these usually lay out everything in detail. That is, it doesn’t say much beyond conveying that there was a CDFA recall of OP products and that the parties don’t agree on the value (or, to Organic Pastures, the loss) caused by the recall, and so they’re settling and the CDFA is paying OP. It doesn’t, for instance, say that the recall was in error, or why the CDFA settled with Organic Pastures.

Of course, events since then have been quite enlightening in terms of the CDFA going after California organic milk.

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  1. Lynn Cameron

    That tireless activist and beleaguered dairyman, Mark McAfee, founder of Organic Pastures Dairy in Fresno, writes in the 2009 Spring issue of WISE TRADITIONS, publ. by the Weston A. Price Foundation, about his conversation with Russian Cosmonaut, Edward Alper, living now in Texas and training Russian cosmonauts. Where does this man McAfee find time to run a diary farm – in itself a 24/7 job?

    30kms. East of Moscow, these trainees and their families live and work with their doctors to achieve optimal health. School kids’ diets are strictly controlled – no sweetened beverages, no junk foods. The residents eat only whole and unprocessed food, and ALL THE MILK IS RAW. Alper says illness is very rare in Star City. He says in Russia pasteurized milk is described as “watered down sheetrock” because it has the same taste and nutritional value. Their national drink (other than vodka), kefir, is NEVER made from pasteurized milk.

    America, on the other hand, recently failed the medical check-up as per TIME magazine’s recent cover story. McAfee says that medicine that ignores whole food nutrition is doomed to failure. I couldn’t agree more. Secretary Vilsack, are you listening?

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