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Winter Squash Soup

A Meal in Itself

This winter squash soup takes just 90 minutes to prepare and simmer, not counting the stock-making, this colorful, uniquely-flavored soup is well worth the effort for its nutrient-density and delectable taste.

Organic Ingredients
2 medium acorn, butternut or other yellow-meat squash
3 medium carrots
2-3 cups chicken stock — homemade is best
1 cup orange juice
3 Tbls. good coconut oil
2 drops Young Living essential oil of Orange (optional)
2 cloves finely minced garlic
1 cup chopped onion
8 oz. can artichoke hearts, quartered
1 Tbls. good quality curry powder blend
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
1 tsp. ground ginger
1 tsp. dry mustard
1.5 tsp. Pink Crystal or sea salt
  Several dashes cayenne
  Cultured raw cream or crème fraiche for garnish
  Toasted pecans or cashews

Cooking Directions

Split the squash lengthwise and, cut side down, on oiled tray.
Split washed and scrape carrots and bake with squash until all are soft.

Bake at 375° for 30 minutes.

Cool and scoop insides of squash, then puree all baked veggies in a blender with the stock. You should have about 4 cups total.

Combine with the orange juice in enamel ware, ceramic-lined or good stainless steel soup pot.

Heat the fat in a skillet (not non-stick) with garlic, onion, salt and all spices; do this slowly so as not to burn. Cook until onions are very soft — use ¼ cup white wine as needed for liquid. Simmer gently about 10 minutes; longer slow cooking develops flavor. Add artichoke hearts about 5 minutes before combining with puree.

Scrape the skillet well into the squash mixture and heat very gently. Taste to correct seasonings — maybe more salt or hot sauce. Whisk in the orange essential oil.

This slightly sweet soup calls for a drizzle of fresh lemon juice, raw apple cider vinegar or lacto-fermented pickle juice just before serving.

Top each serving with a dollop of crème fraiche and some toasted nuts.

Contributing Author Lynn Cameron owns the AromaVital.com website and has conducted her own research into the complementary health field since the early seventies.

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3 Comments for "Organic Winter Squash Soup with Curry and Artichoke Hearts"

  1. Diane Vigil

    Ooh, thanks for sharing this, Lynn. It sounds delicious!

  2. Tamara

    Louise, I love the color of your soup! The last couple of days have put me in Fall mood, and I am loiokng forward to the bounty of the season.I always roast my pumpkin and squash for soup, but never tried roasting the onions. What a great idea, and a time-saver, too.I am spoiled from eating in season, fresh, natural apples in Serbia, and the big, perfect, glistening orbs do not appeal to me at all. Give something crispy, crunchy, juicy, a bit green, a bit red, and I am happy. Braeburn and Honeycrisp are my favorites.Great photos, as usual!

  3. Lynn Cameron

    The thermometer is at the zero mark here in the Adirondack Mtns and this is just perfect for supper. What a happy chance that this was posted just today! I am thankful for the reminder of this soup recipe of mine. On my counter at this moment are 2 butternut squash that have baked all night in my wood stove oven. I was considering just whipping them with butter for supper, but now am delighted to be able to make this filling soup.

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