Organic Raw MilkI’ve been feeling that we’re doing a little too much ranting against what’s happening with raw milk in California, and wanting to write about anything else — there I was, sitting on my porch and wondering what had happened with SB 201 when a fellow called. Seems he’d seen my name on a forum somewhere, and his deal was that he was from New Jersey and wanted to move out here to become a dairy farmer because California is one of the states where you can actually sell raw milk in stores — but he was a little concerned about what was going on with the legislation here.

I, of course, gave him what I could, checked the site, which didn’t have a current update (I was hoping to read that SB 201 had passed), and so turned to, which had this to say:

Anti-SB 201 Lobbying Under Way; Good-Bye to Kids’ Goats; Behind Organic Milk Shelf Life

Officials of the California Department of Food and Agriculture have already begun whispering sweet little nothings into the governor’s ear about the dangers of SB 201. The Fresno Bee reports that the governor’s office has expressed reservations, based on CDFA opposition.

That means it’s going to be up to the public to keep the matter public. Mary Blair McMorran, in her comment on my previous post, has it right—it’s harder for these officials and their big-name allies to pull their dark-side shenanigans if consumers are watching and monitoring and expressing themselves. “All the Marlers in the world don’t stand a chance against freedom of choice, and a citizenry prepared to fight for it. California has to stand up and fight. The only way they’ll lose this is if they let someone else fight for them.”

At any rate, I advised the fellow to go to, as the writer is a journalist and covers and follows up on issues like crazy (since he, unlike me, is not making websites all day).

So the fight for California raw milk is not over.

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3 Comments for "California Raw Milk and the attack against SB 201"

  1. Yuani Valentine

    I just read your article/s on raw milk.
    We live in NC where selling raw milk is prohibited, but if I drive to the border of SC I can buy raw milk! I can easily buy raw cheese most any where now, but the milk is really what I would love! I stopped drinking milk some 10 years ago and NO one could ever convinced me to drink it again, until last year when I was introduced to raw milk- I studied the incredible health benefits of it- in fact a book called ‘Moses, the first author of health” by Jay Nelson OD, makes a compelling case , when referring to God calling Canaan the ‘land of milk and honey’ – not ‘fruits and vegetables’, or ‘water and meats’ etc. and if taken ‘literally’ – milk AND honey – he reckons you have the ultimate ‘complete food’ as he analyzes it and breaks it down to the ‘bone’

    We are huge consumers of raw organic food and all of our pets eat only raw- in fact, since we switched their diets from ‘poisonous’ processed dog food , to raw , we have seen the near ‘miraculous’ !
    We have an old dog of 15 on raw only ( switched 5 years ago) who literally ‘came back from the dead’ and 2 Bostons who only had raw since puppies ( respectively 5 and 3 today) In fact, they are so hooked on raw, that they eat us ‘out of budget’ on apples, zucchinis, red peppers, grapefruits and the list is endless!
    NO health problems, and no teeth problems and thus never back to the vet.

    I love your site! Thank you!

  2. Diane Vigil

    Thanks for the compliments, Yuani, and welcome to We Want Organic Food.

    And thanks for sharing your experiences with raw milk. It’s good to hear how things are going with your family and your pets. Are you saying that the dogs are eating fruits and vegetables too?

  3. Lynn Cameron

    Yuani, another full and complete picture on milk comes from Dr. Wm. Campbell Douglass II, MD. He’s been on this topic and a whole lot else for a long time as Editor of The Douglass Report.

    THE RAW TRUTH ABOUT MILK is the only definitive book on milk ever written says Jack Mathis of Mathis Dairy in California. Mathis says, “It should change the attitude of the American people concerning the value of unprocessed foods. Every American concerned about his health should read this book.

    Farmers don’t have time to read a lot of books, so they have to be choosy. Here’s the link to read about real milk in the good Dr. D’s own words:

    The Douglass Report is full of timely information dear to the hearts of WWOF readership written with wit and style, too.


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