Passing the Assembly Appropriations Committee, SB 201 — the Fresh Milk Act of 2008 — travels next to the Assembly floor and then tothe Senate. And if it passes, it is sent on to the Governor to sign into law.

This proposed law effectively sets up a sane relationship between organic dairies and the CDFA, where the people of California who wish to consume organic raw milk can do so with a high level and expectancy of safety. It’s called confidence in the product, from a consumer’s point of view. Not only that, we can consume something that’s actually healthy for us because it hasn’t been processed down to near uselessness.

Hopefully, the parameters of the relationship are clear — so that no "tricksy" actions are pulled, such as those that were pulled by the CDFA with California State Law AB 1735. Specifically, some employees of the CDFA added language at the very end of the lawmaking process (they trickily slipped it in at the end) effectively outlawing organic raw milk — and the legislature and Governor apparently didn’t understand the whole law as it was modified. I don’t think the state government understood the demand for such a product either.

I’m still of the opinion that those responsible for the added changes should lose their jobs at the very least, as their slippery actions undermine the democratic process, requiring so much energy from the consumers of organic raw milk to push on the State Government to pass a new (saner) law — SB 201. I hope the CDFA will play fair and allow this healthy product to be sold and stop trying to snuff it out.

SB 201 is a great start for organic raw milk.

Here in California, we need to see this through to completion.

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