Organic Raw MilkA law is taking shape in the State of California, which brings raw, organic and fresh milk to the people of California who wish to drink it. It’s unanimously passed two committees and heading for the next step toward becoming a law. It’s called SB 201.

Not only is this good for the people of our State, because we get to consume NON-processed milk, but it is also a time where we get to observe our State government legislate into existence a law on NON-processed milk based on up-to-date information that dispels a mountain of false information about raw organic milk. And we the people get to benefit from such a law.

It’s my hope that a law is legislated that sets the standard for producing safe raw, organic milk.

It’s also my hope that someone doesn’t slip some funky language in at the very end, like what happened with AB 1735. The CDFA pulled a fast one and got away with it because many of the legislators don’t read and understand the whole law they are voting on.

This sort of thing happens at the federal level too. Like pork barrel and making CPA’s nationwide work for the IRS and not for the client. And the legislators don’t read through the whole law they are voting on.

We’ll need to stay vigilant on this one and watch our politicians like a hawk!

We the people of California are able to do something about AB 1735, the old ARBITRARY law that the CDFA pushed through and signed by Arnold, which outlawed raw organic milk using "science" at the imbecilic level by including a requirement that raw milk could not easily pass. Even a layman such as I could see the idiocy of AB 1735 and its coliform count being made to conform to pasteurized milk standards. Most coliform are good for you and your digestion. Pasteurization (cooking) kills the coliform as well as nearly killing the nutritional value of milk, or other liquids! SB 1735 broad shoots milk in an attempt to kill pathogens that could be in the milk, while omitting testing for pathogens. Pasteurization masquerades as a "safety" measure when it isn’t! (See December 2007 article, Two People Die After Drinking Listeria Tainted Milk In Massachusetts … and that was processed milk.) Pasteurization’s real purpose is to make food last longer on the shelf. The lazy CDFA wanted milk producers to produce only low-nutrition low-coliform count milk for consumption — instead of testing for pathogens in ALL milk and thus selling SAFE, nutritious milk. You know, REGULAR food! UNPROCESSED food! It’s not going to last for months in the refrigerator. BUT it will give your child the full nutrition of the product, not a knocked down "food" such as pasteurized milk. (I don’t consider pasteurized food as regular food. Rather, it’s almost the opposite. It almost ISN’T food!)

When one’s body gets the nutrition it needs, your body no longer wants more nutrition and one won’t be hungry until that nutrition is used up. If one consumes food, which is processed to a VERY LOW level of nutrition, one will tend to keep eating until one is "satisfied". One might overeat just to get the nutrition one needs. Translation: one gets fat, while at the same time one feels like one is starving.

The solution is to get away from processed food as much as possible. To get away from the pesticide laden fruits and vegetables. To get away from "preserved" foods.

Preservatives are only good for the food and its very long shelf life. Pesticides and preservatives are not good for your body functions.

If you can’t find clean, regular food that doesn’t contain pesticides or preservatives or hormones or antibiotics, you can grow your own, in organic soil, without using chemicals at all.

If you don’t have the time, make time! Take more responsibility for your and your family’s health. Pulling processed food off the shelf to eat, because you don’t have the time, is similar to the politicians who won’t read and understand a law they’re voting on.

All sorts of things can be slipped in that are hazardous to one’s health. The food processing industry feeds the sick people industry. You don’t have to be sick. Read and understand what you are consuming. Take the time to make sure you and yours eat for health or you’ll run out of time before it’s your time.

Eat all kinds of clean, regular foods! Make raw organic milk one of those foods and your body will tend to stay healthy.

Tip from Organic Pastures: SB 201 passes key committees with all "yes" votes!

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