Is your brain a target? A number of recent articles have warned us about the dangers of getting brain cancer from the use of cell phones, wireless phones and Wi-Fi. One such article, Dr. Mercola’s hard-hitting What’s More Important — Your Cell Phone Or Your Brain?, details the grim story of a gentleman who got a brain tumor, apparently from cell phone use. Given that I’d previously thought that any bad effects might be <fingers crossed> only from cell phones, and then only due to "heat" coming from the phone, I was distressed to learn that the offending items were all of the above — cell phones, Wi-Fi and wireless phones. Yes, that last means cordless phones.

Cutting down on electromagnetic radiation

As we had a number of wireless phones in our home, we decided to test by unplugging the one in our bedroom. One night’s sleep told me that there was less "disturbance" in the room, whatever that disturbance might have been. I arose the next morning to find all of our cordless phones piled neatly by the door, ready for disposal.

Next, I entered my office, now devoid of cordless phones — and noticed that the "dusty" feeling it had previously had was gone. No, it hadn’t been dusted — in fact, it was not about dust at all, but the effects of electromagnetic radiation from the cordless phones. The "disturbance" I’d previously detected was far less. But there was more: as a web design company, we have a number of computers, one of which had a CRT monitor (that’s the "tube" monitor). While I tend to sit at a distance from my computer screens, I’d noted that when I reached towards the CRT, the hair on my arm stood up. And we had a couple of "regular" TVs around as well.

And so, that very day, we set about replacing things: the wireless phones were replaced by less convenient corded phones, the CRT was replaced by a new flat panel monitor, and a couple of TVs were removed, replaced by one new flat panel TV.

The result? Actually, while I didn’t feel bad before, I feel much better. Who knew?

Truth be told, many people would probably benefit by moving right out of town, away from Wi-Fi and power lines and whatever else. Unfortunately, moving out of town en masse to live in tents without the benefits of modern living isn’t in the cards, nor do I think it’s the real answer. But this is a good start.

As to how Wi-Fi, cell and cordless phones cause damage, here’s a bit from another article from Dr. Mercola’s daily newsletter (you may want to sign up as he often has very good articles):

What Causes the Damage?

The part of the electromagnetic spectrum used by cell phones and other wireless devices to communicate does not occur naturally on the earth’s surface — logically, it has to be, or there would be too much interference for cell phones to work.

In particular, the extremely low-frequency waves used to actually carry your voice or other data, known as Information Carrying Radio Waves, are not frequencies that you would ever encounter in a natural form on earth. Because of this, your body has not made any biological adaptation to protect you from electromagnetic radiation in these frequencies.

More importantly, the very rarity of these frequencies on the earth’s surface made them ideal ones for your body to use as an internal communication system, for the same reason that cell phones use them — a lack of interference. But now that man-made wireless communication is widespread, there is a great deal of interference.

Your cells have two types of receptors: chemical receptors and vibrational receptors. Chemical receptors respond to biochemical signals, but vibrational receptors are microscopic cilia, little hair-like sensors that respond to electromagnetic vibrations. When an Information Carrying Radio Wave hits a ciliary vibrational receptor, the receptor resonates. Since this form of radiation does not occur naturally, your cells do not recognize it, and treat it as a potential threat. They respond by sealing themselves off, effectively shutting down their ability to communicate with other cells.

This reaction evolved as a short-term response to immediate danger; it was never designed to protect against the persistent signals of wireless communication. Soon, these sealed off cells start starving for lack of nutrients. Toxins, heavy metals, and free radicals build up inside of them, because the cell can no longer excrete them.

The intercellular communication breakdown can impair or destroy the function of whole tissue systems and organs. Soon, cells become damaged, and over the long term, this damage can have serious effects, especially in your complex and delicate brain — which, unfortunately, is right next to where most people hold their cell phones.

Unlike Dr. Mercola, I am not a doctor; however, the above explanation makes sense. Gotta wonder, too, whether Wi-Fi and cell phone signals, among others, are the reasons for the noted departure of bees.

There’s more. Dr. Mercola’s article is a good read, and includes solutions for use of wireless devices. Given the information published regarding the dangers of wireless devices, it’s most important to be aware.

Note also that there’s a new study to be conducted by Britain, Denmark and Sweden: Health risk of long-term mobile phone use to be studied by scientists. Unfortunately, this is the type of thing that’s discovered after the fact — that is, there’s a problem, it gets studied, and results are found — but perhaps long after people have suffered ill effects.

So it pays to take steps to protect yourself. What is anyone else doing in this regard?

[ADDED 6/14/08] Dr. Mercola has published another article regarding studies showing that cell phone use can cause brain cancer starting with the first study in 1998 by Dr. George Carlo, which was funded by the cell phone industry. Also a good read.

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8 Comments for "Brain cancer and cell phones, wireless phones & Wi-Fi"

  1. Lynn Cameron

    Hello Diane,

    I’m so glad you’ve taken Dr. Mercola’s info and applied it! The explanation of his you have provided here explained about it simply, and I enhanced my knowledge.

    There have been many ‘tools’ over the past two decades or more that I’ve been aware of that claim to ‘neutralize’ these harmful low frequencies. I’ve tried several different devices over the years, but the results have been largely anecdotal because there has been no ‘scientific method’ to measure the effect such devices have on the human system.

    Muscle testing is the most used method to demonstrate the efficacy and individual need of such tools. This is the way to tell which cell phone ‘bug’ to purchase; you can get little things that go right on your mobile phone, your computer, your TV etc.

    Currently I’m wearing a rare pendant fabricated by Dr. Paul Yanick that is no longer available because some of the materials in it are, themselves, no longer available. One wonders if they were so rare as to be used up, or if the threat they posed was powerful enough to get them removed from the marketplace.

    My most recently acquired device is the reasonably priced Bionic Band which I tried at the recommendation of a trusted friend. It definitely has a mood-elevating effect for me and, from my observations, on my husband, as well. I attribute this to the ‘lightening’ of the ‘load’ we all carry in this electronic age.

    This is a good topic, and I hope we get a meaningful discussion started here. It’s not enough to just ‘be aware’; right action is required.


  2. Diane Vigil

    Thanks for your comments, Lynn. As you know, my first reaction was what the … heck. Next was intense morning shopping. But we do feel better.

    Interesting about the muscle testing. Muscle testing is used by chiropractors to discover what nutrients (e.g., vitamins) your body might lack.

    Interesting, too, about the Bionic Band. My experience with our cordless phone and CRT replacement is that the body likes it a whole lot more when it’s not being bombarded by electromagnetic radiation.

  3. jose

    Hello everyone,

    First, I sorry for my bad english. I am 24 years old, male.

    My friend had PSP. Sometimes they play with wireless.

    48 hours ago, His PSP get near to my left head tough its only less than a minute. After 5-30 minutes, i feel … its not migraine .. its not dizzy, just a bit minor heavier for my left brain .. i dont know what is it. And only can hoping that it’s never got on me.

    For additional, i also a programmer so on near with CRT monitor.

    Thanks for your concern.

  4. Diane Vigil

    Hello, Jose. I can understand you just fine.

    Regarding the PSP, maybe you should see a doctor just in case.

    Also, it might help to switch to a flat panel monitor, as they seem to have less radiation. Every little bit that you can cut down on radiation is good.

    I hope you do well.

  5. Diane Vigil

    Hi, Priya. That’s a good question. Dr. Mercola’s article, What’s More Important — Your Cell Phone Or Your Brain?:

    Add to that all the wireless networks that are now becoming standard, exposing you to massive amounts of radio waves whether you actually use wireless or not.

    Can you move your wi fi connection … or can you try sleeping in another room? At least that would give you a chance to compare what it’s like with less Wi Fi.

    We have cable, which probably also has some effects. But what are you going to do … not connect to the Internet or get cable TV? Not likely in our household.

  6. priya

    my wi fi connection is in bedroom and sometimes m feeling too much tired and anxietiness after or while using wi fi. is there is any or this type of problem while using wi fi

  7. Wakjob

    The heavy brain feeling is your brain swelling – blood rushes in to repair the microwave damage done to your brain by the device. More blood == more weight makes it feel heavier. WiFi uses the exact same frequency radiation as a microwave oven – just at much much lower power. So if you hold the device right next to your head while it transmits, you are, in effect microwaving your brain. Tell me microwaving livimg tissue won’t cause problems including cancer.

    Wakjob out.

  8. cob

    Add second-hand cigarette smoke to the list of brain cancer causes.

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