Things that make you go hmm...First, there was an incident in which Organic Pastures was ordered by the CDFA to recall its milk products. The CDFA had reported that six California students became ill after drinking milk when this was really not the case. See our Mark McAfee/Organic Pastures commentary on California AB1735.

There’s another incident: here’s an unsigned document at Organic Pastures’ website, Recall of Organic Cream Classic Fear Based Non-Event (pdf), detailing an incident that began last year on or around September 7th, 2007 and lasted through September 21st of 2007, which is characterized as "much to do about nothing" by the author of the document.

However, what occurred in the following month, in October of 2007? AB1735 was passed through the California State Legislature and signed by Arnold, the Gov.

Was this so-called listeria scare reported as fact to the politicians just prior to the voting on AB 1735? Was this incident used as justification for AB 1735?

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