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This recipe makes about 2 dozen delicious ginger molasses cookies — spicy, slightly soft cookies good with a light mousse, ice cream or fresh fruit. Also good dunked in farm-fresh milk as well as organic, freshly ground coffee.

SIFT: 2 cups unbleached, organic flour
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. sea salt
2 tsp. ground organic cinnamon bark
1 tsp. ground organic ginger root
BEAT: 1 large free-range egg
1 drop cinnamon bark essential oil
1/2 cup organic dark molasses
2 Tbls. freshly grated organic ginger root, peeled
CREAM: 1/2 cup organic butter, softened
1/2 cup sugar — white, brown, rapadura or sucanat
COMBINE: Butter mixture and egg mixture beating until fluffy
ADD: Flour mixture gradually until well-blended
CHILL: At least one hour; preferably overnight
FORM: 1 inch balls between oiled palms until smooth and round
COAT: Each ball with sugar (1/4 cup) in small bowl
PLACE: Balls on greased cookie sheet 2 inches apart
BAKE: At 350° in center of oven until rounded, crinkled and just beginning to
color — about 12-14 minutes. Longer cooking will make them crisper.
REMOVE: To wire rack to cool
STORE: In a tightly covered container. The longer these are stored, the better the flavor — control yourselves or make a double batch. The ginger and cinnamon along with the sugar preserves them for months and months!

Contributing Author Lynn Cameron owns the AromaVital.com website and has conducted her own research into the complementary health field since the early seventies.

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4 Comments for "Lynn’s Ginger Molasses Cookies"

  1. Diane Vigil

    Thank you so much for this, Lynn. I tasted these cookies last Christmas, and I still remember … <grin>

  2. Christina

    Where do you find cinnamon bark essential oil?

  3. Diane Vigil

    We get them through Young Living Essential Oils. While the pricing may be a bit higher than some, in my opinion the quality is extraordinary. Or, as Lynn says, “Cheap “essential oils” may be impure, adulterated or distilled with petrochemical solvents.”

    Our friend, Lynn Cameron, is a Young Living distributor. You can visit her website at http://aromavital.com.

  4. Lynn Cameron

    Hi Christina,

    You can order from here:
    I have placed Cinnamon bark oil for you second from the bottom of the page .
    YLEO has many products that contain cinnamon. Besides being pungently flavorful, it is also very therapeutic and absolutely lethal to bacteria and viruses – second only to clove bud oil.


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