Before we get to the video of Dr. Julie Gerberding of the Centers for Disease Control, watch this YouTube video of an interview of lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. by another lawyer discussing the data that vaccinations are causing autism in some children. Mr. Kennedy refers to the "proof" that this isn’t so as "classic tobacco science"; unfortunately, the story is rife with bureaucrats, a secret meeting and … I’ll let you decide:

[Added to YouTube on October 19, 2007]

That’s pretty sickening, although to many of us, this is not new news. Now, having seen that (and note that I’m not sure whether it was conducted before the next interview), view the video below with Dr. Julie Gerberding, Director of the Centers for Disease Control, and note the difference in tone and approach:

(Added to YouTube on April 02, 2008)


I’m obviously not the only person who’s noticed the amazing incidence and increase of disabilities and disease among the American public — illnesses and disabilities that were not so prevalent when I was younger. (An example is our Harvard & Mayo Clinic say pesticides linked to Parkinson’s.)

Perhaps I’m a cautious character, but I’m not a huge believer in blindly dosing myself with one drug or another on the say-so of … well, anyone, including doctors. The fact is that doctors often get their information from drug companies who, of course, want to sell their wares. But who among us has not marvelled at the current drug commercials on television — forced at last to give warnings to the public, they sound pretty much like: "Sure, [name of drug here] can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, muscle cramps, stroke and you could die … but you could lead a better life."

Right. Kind of reminds me of the Jack Nicholson character in As Good as It Gets: "I’m not going to let you inject me with the plague, either".

Read Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Deadly immunity at (published June 16, 2005).

[Hat tip to Dr. Mercola]

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4 Comments for "YouTube: CDC Director Admits Vaccines Trigger Autism"

  1. Lynn Cameron

    My “favorite” TV drug commercial is the new one that says (I paraphrase here)
    … Yes, and when these pills make you feel better and remove the symptoms for which you took them, be sure to keep on taking the pills because you really can’t be sure you’ve had enough …

    Isn’t the citizenry rapidly coming to this third part of the well-known quote … “But, you can’t fool ALL of the people ALL of the time.”?

  2. Diane Vigil

    Oh dear, I *so* know what you mean. We’re lucky, though, that the laws now require that drug companies state the pitfalls of their drugs, as before the general public never would have heard about what can happen if you take these drugs.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think most people realize that good, clean food nourishes the body and gives it what it needs to feel better, such that the chances that you’d need harmful drugs just to feel better are lessened. I suspect that, when you spend a lifetime eating the general run of food out there, that you don’t know what it feels like to get real nourishment on an ongoing basis — as did I before we went all-organic. It really IS different.

  3. Lynn Cameron

    And you have the benefit also of those pure organic treasures, essential oils, Diane. That’s taking organic food, when you use them in food and beverages for flavor, into the therapeutic realm as assuredly as dropping them onto your skin or inhaling the aroma as it wafts from your own diffuser; it’s been humming away for five years now, hasn’t it?
    See my own diffuser at:

    I will soon post some more recipes about how to use FDA certified to eat(GRAS)essential oils to enhance the goodness of all courses of organic meals. Meanwhile, maybe my WWOF article on Cinnamon and Black Pepper will be of interest to the readership. See it here:

  4. Health care reform; a possible healthy direction

    […] so that our systems can fight off the flu bug. (It's called getting a flu shot. See our article CDC Director Admits Vaccines Trigger Autism.) And I don't care if someone from Harvard or the FDA says mercury taken in small doses is […]

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