Given that so many beauty products are loaded with chemicals, I was surprised to see that Sephora is carrying natural and organic beauty products. They’ve also got a section with Organic Brands. Not many, mind you, but it’s interesting if you, like me, like to let your fingers do the shopping.

One item, BareMinerals, might be interesting. Made of pure minerals, you can buy at Sephora without signing up for the every-two-months shipment. You can also get these at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Is it organic? Hard to say … hard even to think about, since we’re talking pretty much about ground up minerals, not food grown or raised in unsanitary conditions.

Unfortunately, the descriptions don’t include an ingredients list, so it’s difficult to tell what we’ve got here. Interestingly, while I was browsing, I was asked to take a survey which included the question, " What type of product information is most important to you?" There were also questions indicating that they’re aware of the differences between "natural", "organic" and "100% organic" — which is pretty hopeful.

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  1. carol maghakian

    I am interested in organic products. I look for products with the least harmful chemicals. All ingredients must be on the product.

    I presently purchase Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik Covr Stick 01. This has been discontinued so I am looking for a replacement.

  2. Diane Vigil

    Hello, Carol, and welcome to We Want Organic Food.

    Since I’m not familiar with Dr. Hauschka’s products, I can’t make a recommendation — but I can point you to the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database, which publishes the results of testing on cosmetics. It’s a big help in determining whether a product would work well for any of us.

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