CholesterolCholesterol is an obsolete medical myth that needs to bite the dust! There’s a new study that’s found that if your cholesterol levels are low, they can lessen the "beneficial muscle gain from exercising". Medical researchers at Texas A&M University conducted a study of "55 healthy men and women in their 60’s". Lead researcher Steven Reichman, a professor of health there, admitted, "Needless to say, these findings caught us totally off guard".

Texas A&M’s Surprise – Cholesterol May Actually Pose Benefits, Study Shows gives us some overall study conclusions:

  • A significant link between dietary cholesterol and the increase in strength: those with the higher cholesterol intake had the most muscle strength gain.
  • Test subjects taking cholesterol-lowering drugs showed less muscle gain than those who were not.

It must be nerve-wracking to know that your study results, should they be able to be accurately interpreted, could definitely take a bite out of U of SC grant programs. Big Pharma has billions of dollars invested in just anti-cholesterol medicines (statins), they’ve only reached about 10 million Americans, and this study’s results could seriously affect the companies’ growth into the 30 million households on their wish list. Maybe even the American Heart Journal’s (2006:785-92) admonition that clinicians are "under-prescribing" statin drugs won’t get their foot into any more doors. We can only hope.

So … shall we have organic, unprocessed whole milk, fresh raw cream and ice cream, cultured creamery butter, free-range eggs, grass-fed steak, oysters on the half-shell, coconut milk, organic liver (ok, maybe not liver, but you should!) and other nutrient-dense foods of our ancestors? Or shall we have expensive pills?

You see, in place of nourishing foods with satisfying, energizing fat, BigPharma offers a varied menu of statin trades.

  • If you’re a diabetic, you can expect a deterioration of blood sugar control (AtherosclerThromb 2006 Apr:13(2):95-100)
  • Muscular damage with none of that uncomfortable pain & weakness warning (J Pathos 2006 210(1):94-102)
  • Short hospital stays in case of heart failure; with low cholesterol, your survival rate is poor. (American Journal of Cardiology, 09/06)
  • If you are Japanese, lymphoid malignancy could be in your future (Cancer Sci 2006;97: 133-138)
  • You have 15 fat-starved years to get your affairs in order before dementia sets in and you don’t miss it anymore. (Archives of Neurology 2007;64: 103-07)

Most people who have medical insurance have their cholesterol tested and re-tested more than regularly. Resist the cholesterol cops’ attempts at turning your health into a numbers game. The entire cholesterol paradigm is way off base, and there are actually medical doctors that teach it and more research that proves it is so every year. Dr. William C. Douglass, MD considers a cholesterol level between 200 and 300 to be within the normal range. He says that only if it’s above that level does it indicate that something is broken:

"And even then, elevated cholesterol levels are simply a sign, just like an elevated temperature is a sign, a protective measure against whatever is broken."

But don’t expect to see good press about cholesterol any time soon. The inevitable hedge, "… we need further study" and "… there is still a lot about cholesterol that we don’t know" are backing the PharMedicine show. Do some hedging of your own, dear reader.

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Contributing Author Lynn Cameron owns the website and has conducted her own research into the complementary health field since the early seventies.

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3 Comments for "Cholesterol – an obsolete medical myth"

  1. Diane Vigil

    That is hot information, Lynn. Thanks for providing it.

  2. Lynn Cameron

    Foods that have cholesterol are feel-good comfort foods because: a) It protects against depression by helping utilize seratonin, the ‘feel good’ chemical. b)It is vital to brain and nervous system function. c) Important hormones are made of it to regulate blood sugar, sexual activity and stress. d) Bile salts needed for fat digestion are made from it. e) It helps fight infection. f) It helps uptake of Vitamin D. g) It protects against free radicals (cancer) h) It is used to repair wounds i) It keeps the integrity of the cell wall
    j) Cholesterol is produced by nearly every cell in the body.


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