The article Europe set for debate rerun on ‘Frankenfoods’ at Financial Times caught my eye (unfortunately, you have to register to read it, but it’s free):

Europe is set for a rerun of the heated debate over genetically modified "Frankenfoods", after regulators declared on Friday that meat and milk from cloned pigs and cows and their offspring were safe to eat.

The finding comes as GM foods are about to reignite trade friction between the US and European Union, with a deadline set to expire on Friday night by which the EU must comply with a World Trade Organisation ruling to allow imports of GM seeds.

While it could be years before meat and milk from cloned animals are on dinner plates in the EU …

My favorite line was:

In the US, consumer acceptance of plant biotechnology in foods is high.

Right. I have a hard time trying to understand where they got that statistic; in my view, there seems to be quite a lot of impassioned pleas against messing with the food chain. Of course, that could just be pessimism on my part, but -lookie here- amazingly enough, just four days later, publishes this article stating that the U.S. government has declared meat and milk to be safe.

FDA Says Cloned Animals Safe for Food

Just over a decade after scientists cloned the first animal, the last major barrier to selling meat and milk from clones has fallen: The U.S. government declared this food safe Tuesday. Now, will people buy it?

Indeed. Well, if they like it so much, they should buy it.

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