Goodbye Raw Milk in CaliforniaOrganic raw milk is really healthy FOOD and should not be outlawed by the California Department of Food & Agriculture of our state government.

I received a communication from Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy Company today regarding the battle to save raw organic milk in California from allegedly unscrupulous individual(s) in the CDFA who passed through an amendment AB1735 that in effect outlawed raw milk without representation by the organic milk producers and without scientific proof that raw organic milk is bad for us.

In effect, AB1735 says that all coliform is bad and sets a standard of ten coliform per a certain measurement of quantity of milk. And in order for that standard to be met, one would have to cook (pasteurize) the milk.

The so-called problem that the CDFA was apparently attempting to "solve" is the e-Coli in the milk problem. The CDFA’s solution is to kill all types of coliform in order to kill the e-Coli or pathogenic coliform. However, there is no attempt at verification that the e-Coli is even in the milk — there’s just the blanket "handling" of cooking the milk. Unfortunately, cooking the milk does NOT verify that ALL e-Coli (the pathogenic coliform) is destroyed. I don’t have to be a scientist to see that this is an assumed fact that is not actually a fact. It is UNscientific.

When you cook (pasteurize) the milk, it loses a great deal of nutrients and the GOOD coliform too! All without verifying there is any pathogenic coliform present.

Why not have ALL milk tested for e-Coli, the bad pathogenic coliform, and if it passes muster, it goes onto the shelves. And by ALL milk, I mean the organic raw milk as well as the treated-with-heat milk, called pasteurized milk.

Of course the pasteurized milk will last much longer in the frig than the organic raw milk. That is the original intent of pasteurization.

But the organic raw milk is fantastically healthier for you. You’ll just need to drink it faster. Just like you would need to eat bananas faster than, say, potatoes.

But it would be the consumer’s choice — long lasting milk or healthy milk that really makes a body grow or helps the body tend to stay healthy. And when a body is tending toward staying healthy, it tends to battle off the pathogenic bugs, like a body should.

There’s a difference between long shelf life food that has had its nutrients severely cut down and food that hasn’t been treated with HEAT. Heat knocks out much of the nutrients in food. That’s just the way it is.

It doesn’t take a scientist to see that all that needs to be done is to test ALL milk for pathogenic coliform and if it comes up with no pathogens present, it can be consumed and nobody will get sick by way of e-Coli.

I’ve added the whole of Mark McAfee’s e-mail below. We are not privy to whatever information Mr. McAfee has collected, but feel his email is important:

The Final Push
Get Serious with the Secretary of Agriculture

As a direct result of your actions last week, we now have the support of all key assembly representatives to overturn AB 1735.
However, your assemblymen have expressed concern that we do not have the support of the California Secretary of Agriculture, Mr. A.G. Kawamura.
He appears to be the last raw milk challenge standing.
It is critical that we create an avalanche of political pressure like last week, only stronger in message (see below). Please focus all of your efforts on A.G. Kawamura.
Contact the CA Secretary of Agriculture immediately!
Please call him today and send out as many letters and faxes as possible.

A.G. Kawamura
Secretary of Food and Agriculture
1220 N St., Suite 400
Sacramento, Ca. 95814
Phone: (916) 654-0321 or (916) 654-0433
Fax: 916-654-0403

The message to him should be very strong, yet respectful. The talking points we suggest may sound harsh but they reflect the truth (see "Background" below). The Secretary needs to know what has happened on his watch:

  1. Certain corrupt staff members within CDFA have personal prejudice against raw milk. They have participated and conspired in an illegal, secret, and silent process to deny California consumers their access to raw milk.
  2. Demand that the Ag Secretary use his power to immediately suspend or reverse AB 1735 and the "less-than-10 coliform" standard for raw milk in California.
  3. Demand that the CDFA staff who misrepresented raw milk science and snuck the groundless coliform standard into AB 1735 be dismissed immediately.

We have discovered that certain staff members in CDFA actually committed crimes by "introducing negative language into a bill which would be applied to an industry which it regulates." This is outrageous illegal activity; it defies written administrative policy and must not be tolerated within CDFA. The normal legal process requires CDFA to bring any legislative language to the attention of the governors office prior to contacting an assembly committee. CDFA misrepresented facts, claiming AB 1735 was so insignificant that it could be handled “as a consent item” and did not require discussion or debate. Other substantial and material misstatements of fact also occurred to keep AB 1735 secret and silent.

This is the big event we have all been working towards. It may be the last effort needed to overcome AB 1735. Please call today and send your letters.
A note from your friends at Organic Pastures
Q. Will Organic Pastures Dairy Company be going out of business in Jan. 2008?
A. HEAVENS, NO – We are growing!

Please rest 100% assured, dear customers, that Organic Pastures Grass-Fed Organic Raw Milk will be sold throughout California after January, 2008. We are adding more organic cows and even building a new creamery!

We are also expanding our marketing and education efforts to better serve you. OPDC has pioneered grass fed raw milk for the 21st century and we intend to continue building a world of happy and healthy people.

All the best, the OPDC team

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1 Comment for "Organic raw milk is healthy food and should not be outlawed"

  1. Diane Vigil

    Thanks, George. I agree that the application of the science is incomplete. It appears to be biased against raw milk. And I’ve an idea that there’s some history behind this.

    That said, I think the Thomas Jefferson quote you posted is important:

    "If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny."
    Thomas Jefferson (1778)

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