Goodbye Raw Milk in California Today I received an e-mail newsletter from Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy Company in which he indicated that he is going to fight AB1735, the recently (and secretly) passed anti-raw milk amendment. And, apparently, Whole Foods Market is also throwing its weight behind this effort.

Read what Mr. McAfee has to say.

We should put our shoulders behind this effort because it means our health to do so. Not only that, but Mark McAfee is intended to expose those responsible for the bad science involved in getting AB1735 passed, well as the politicians. This action gives citizen hope that our government will correct itself.

This should be interesting. I say this because I’ve been reading a new book called The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution, written by Dave Kluge. From this well-written yet easy-to-read book, I realized that the single citizen can stand up for his rights and face a … well, perhaps naughty government and make them "govern" for the people, not for deep pocketed corporations. That, in this country, it is only an illusion that the corporations tell the politicians what to do. In this country, it is the people who really govern. All they have to do is do it. That’s what our Constitution is all about!

As Mr. McAfee says in the newsletter:

Send $25 to the Farm-to-Consumer Foundation, a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission statement and purpose is, in part, to help save the nation’s family farms by protecting the constitutional right of farmers to provide their unprocessed and processed farm foods directly to consumers through any legal means. By donating to the Foundation, you will contribute to the AB1735 Revolt and ensure that your right to raw milk and raw milk products is protected. Go here to make your tax deductible $25 donation.

We’ve already sent in our $25.00 donation to the AB1735 Legal Defense Campaign.

Don’t even try to tell me our politicians don’t read the bills they sign into law!

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3 Comments for "Update: California Raw Milk Fights Back"

  1. Stephen R. Jones

    Let’s keep it available. Statistics show that, as long as raw milk is screened several times daily for pathogens, it has many healthy things which patuerized milk of even the unhomogenized variety does not have.. Good work! I was in NoCal for 8 years (S.F. & Sac). Texasa doesn’t have raw milk any more (used to). Hang on to it.

  2. Diane Vigil

    Thanks for the information, Stephen. I agree — in our experience, raw milk is far more nutritious than regular milk. Fingers crossed …

  3. California Raw Milk Hearing set for April 15, 2008

    […] main California raw milk producers, Organic Pastures and Claravale Dairy, filed suit. As I recall, Whole Foods Markets joined in not long […]

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