Goodbye Raw Milk in California Local Forage has published a comment from Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy Company, a California organic/raw milk dairy farm, which serves as a delineation of the State of California’s AB1735 — an addition to food laws which essentially will make the sale of real raw milk illegal in California on January 1, 2008. Among other things, this caught my eye:

The language contained in AB 1735 was placed there by CDFA to get rid of Raw Milk in California. Last year you might remember that CDFA ordered a recall of all OPDC raw milk products. Several months ago after threatened legal pressure CDFA settled with OPDC for a cash amount, mutual legal release, and the promise that OPDC would not sue CDFA or its personnel for the biased and unfounded recall. FDA, DHS, and CDFA concluded after several weeks of intensive testing of cows fresh manure and OPDC dairy products that there was no connection between any sickened children and OPDC raw dairy products.

[Bolding added for emphasis] This is the type of thing that makes you go "hmm". If I read this correctly (and it is stated plainly), the California Department of Food and Agriculture caused a recall of all Organic Pastures raw milk products and then, after Organic Pastures threatened to sue, settled the matter with OP on the basis of, among other things, a cash payment and a promise by OP not to sue the CDFA or its staff. Geez. Why was this not shouted from the rooftops?

To further underline the biased-ness of the CDFA, the FDA, DHS and even the CDFA itself then determined after weeks of testing that "there was no connection between any sickened children and OPDC raw dairy products". So why was this not shouted from the rooftops?

Instead, we have what appears to be an end run by the State of California in altering our food laws such that, in order to be sold in California, raw milk can only contain a small amount of certain forms of bactera — not all of which are harmful but greater amounts of which are naturally present in raw milk. Well, that knocks raw milk out of the pictures. And this, instead of testing raw milk for pathogens (disease-causing organisms).

Sure, Organic Pastures could go ahead and pasteurize its milk, but that would make it not raw milk. And, given that in my opinion, pasteurized milk is not so great for you and certainly isn’t what I’d call “nutritious”, I won’t be drinking it, or eating unraw cream, cheese, butter, or the like.

However, there’s a fight going on here, and the small farmer is up against it.

Only, this time, let’s hope that the small farmer isn’t so much out there on his own. If we want to be able to buy raw dairy products in California, it’s time to take a stand.

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9 Comments for "Mark McAfee/Organic Pastures commentary on California AB1735"

  1. Mamie Pollock

    I have been using your raw milk for at least 4-5 years, and love it.

    I will be extremely sad to have it removed from the stores in Calif.

    Good luck in fighting AB1735.

  2. Diane Vigil

    Thanks, Mamie — although it’s not our raw milk (we’re the blog). But I’m sure that Mark McAfee and Organic Pastures will appreciate your comments.

    If you like, you could also show your support, since there is going to be a challenge to AB1735:
    SAVE RAW MILK – Contact lawmakers today about Ag. Bill 1735

  3. Gordon Bell

    Here is what I wrote to my Assembly Member:

    I am a 69 year old male who is thriving …only since I began to consume Raw Milk, which I have been purchasing in CA.

    Until I found the source of my serious energy issues that began over 30 years ago, I was essentially useless and not the kind of citizen who was contributing to society commensurate to my skills.

    Frankly, when I was first told that Raw Milk could help, I sneered at the idea. Then I attended a lecture at Stanford University and learned a lot.

    The speaker had some raw milk with him and very fortunately I managed to commandeer a bottle that evening.

    What has happened since that evening is truly miraculous and unbelievable but IT IS REAL!

    If you take away my ability to have this product you are condemning me to a life of low productivity when I have so much to contribute.

    I hope you understand just how serious this issue is!!!


  4. Diane Vigil

    Thanks, Gordon, for sharing your story with us.

    I know what you mean — I hadn’t seen any results from milk (besides filling the stomach) until I drank raw milk. Not pasturized; not homogenized. Just pure, organic raw milk. And what a difference it made — I feel better, and feel a heightened sense of well-being and health.

    Fingers crossed, and hope everyone participates in this, as you have.

  5. Russell

    I just consumed a big glass of ice cold RAW milk. Boy it was tasty. Governor kiss my ass.
    Raw milk is just fine the way it is.

  6. George Vigil

    I’m also of the opinion that cold RAW organic milk is great. It’s strange that we are fighting for milk to be left alone. This is food that has been consumed for ages, is now being questioned as healthy when there is no proof that suddenly raw organic milk is “bad”. “We must not consume coliform.” It’s going to help with digestion and that’s bad. Raw organic milk is going to make the bones and teeth stronger and that’s bad. There’s no pathogens to make someone ill, but coliform is “bad.”

  7. Chef Jem

    Thanks to Mark McAfee this issue has been virtually handed over to “We the Sovereign Citizens” in California! The truth is that Raw Milk is for Raw Milk Lovers and these people simply do not tolerate the idea of being separated from their Raw Milk! And why should they be when it is their choice? Quite frankly the issue is no one else’s business. Now it is up to the raw milk community to write their own self-governing regulations that they can live with and thanks again to Mark as he is the one heading-up the initiative!

    Mark is America’s leading spokesman for nourishing raw milk as well as the kind of farming system that it takes to properly support a raw milk dairy. Anyone (in the several states) who takes up the task of farming nutrient-dense nourishing foods in an ecologically sustainable manner is an American hero IMO! I am most grateful to do all that I can to support initiatives like this. One of the ways I have for that is through a very educational DVD called: “Raw Milk: The Whole Truth” that features Mark McAfee and Dr. Dale Jacobson, DC. I am very proud to be the executive producer of this broadcast-quality program that is now available as a top quality DVD.

    Cheers to Mark McAfee, Dr. Dale Jacobson and Raw Milk!

    Chef Jem

    Executive Producer:
    “The Raw Milk Controversy: Fact & Fiction”
    AKA “Raw Milk: The Whole Truth”

    See four video clips at:
    In the row of 4 icons the 4th is part 1, the 2nd is prt. 2, the 1st is prt. 3
    and the 3rd is prt. 1 of chapter 2.

    Place your orders through PayPal and use this e-mail location:
    Total cost is $20.00 per DVD (includes all S&H and any PalPal fees).
    Buy 3 at the “Wholesale” rate of $14.00 ea. (plus just the S&H).
    Buy 5 or more at the “distributor” rate of $10.00 ea. (+ S&H).
    Contact Chef Jem for additional information.

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