It seems that many people have the idea that raw milk may be harmful (see our Raw Milk is Good for You). I’m not out to argue against anyone’s position — although one of these days I’ll write an article about where (and from whom) some of these ideas came from.

The corollary question, really, is this: is pasteurized milk good for you? One assumes that it is, that killing off anything that makes milk live (and nutritious) takes care of all problems.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as all that; in fact, pasteurized milk may not be that great for you at all. But I’ll let Reba in the Local Harvest forums answer, in what is a detailed but plain-English response to someone asking about milk for the lactose-intolerant: lactose free milk?. And, lest you think that lactose intolerance is the only thing that could make consuming pasteurized milk a problem for you, well … read Reba’s response.

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