In the last month, an article has been making its way around the Web: What’s Added Takes Away: What We Don’t Know About Food Additives and Why Our Governments Don’t Care.

The article is not lengthy, and is worth reading, but the gist is that:

  1. too many food additives are put into processed food
  2. not enough testing has gone into the use of these additives, so we don’t know what their short- and long-term effects might be
  3. our governments (U.S. and E.U.) aren’t doing enough to determine what those effects might be

The article includes conclusions about how and why food additives are allowed to be used on an unknowing population. However, since we do not have actual proof of these reasons, we’ll leave you to read the article for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Very interesting, as well, are the comments below the article.

One points us to the Food Safety section of The Center for Science in the Public Interest:
List of Food Additives —
. While it looks to be a lengthy list (and I love the page’s file name: chemcuisine.htm), I’m not sure I agree with the analysis of whether some of the ingredients are safe for consumption.

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