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Cutco Knives Review

Cutco Cutlery ReviewAs we’ve had our collection of Cutco knives and implements for almost two years [correction: one year], I thought it was time to post a Cutco cutlery review.

History: about a year ago, our friend Deanna Scortino made an appointment with us to view her Cutco cutlery, which we assumed was a collection of high-end knives. I’ll admit that I had zero interest and zero intention of buying knives, so I easily agreed. Maybe one, but that was all. <grin>

Deanna showed up with a large collection of knives, scissors, cooking utensils, other implements and brochures, and began her demonstration. Sure, she’s a good salesperson, but suffice it to say that it wasn’t long before I could see the obvious superiority of the knives. They were nice-looking, not too heavy, built to last, and sharp — but built in a way that it’s not so easy to cut yourself. Let me put it this way: these are knives that would serve us well. And, when I saw the kitchen scissors and the garden clippers (two items I’d wanted for ages), I wanted them. We purchased a rather large set.

Our Cutco shipment arrived not long thereafter, each item packaged carefully to protect it during shipping. We unpacked and carefully washed our assortment of new Cutco knives, steak knives, a kind of knife-cum-butter-spatula item, cooking utensils — and the aforementioned kitchen scissors and garden clippers. Then we tried them.

I have to say that I was surprised at just how good (and how light) the knives were — the steak knives easily cut through anything we tried.

But the real show-stopper was watching George remove the skin from a pineapple — always a business that requires both strength and elbow grease. One begins in anticipation of enjoying fresh, juicy pineapple, but the difficulty in removing the skin takes some of the pleasure out of the experience. At any rate, I watched George place the knife into position near the top of the pineapple and then -THWOP!- cut right through to the bottom of the pineapple. No sawing motions. No earnest hacking away at the skin. Not quite believing it, I tried it myself. To be honest, it peeled the pineapple so quickly that it was over before I was done enjoying the effectiveness of the knife. (I decided that I wasn’t really up for buying a lot of pineapples just to enjoy peeling them quickly.)

One more thing: the kitchen scissors come apart, so that they’re easily washed, leaving no "gunk" in the joints. And the garden clippers are very precise — using them gives you the feel of high-quality engineering.

We’ve had our Cutco knives for almost two years now and they’ve served us well. I have to admit to being a little smug about them. Last Christmas, Deanna had offered to sharpen them for us but we didn’t see the need. Maybe this year.

Our old knives got relegated to other duties or were given away. And I’ll say that it’s funny how a good knife adds to the dining experience.

Note: Lastly, I realize that this article sounds a little like a gushy marketing piece. I really don’t intend it to; I’m just happy with the product, and this article is just another in a series of "things I’ve found excellent" that started on our DesignerJones website. Secondly, we were offered nothing for this review, and if we did, our policy would be to say so.

Deanna says:

Cutco (aka The World’s Finest Cutlery) has been one of the top-selling knives in North America for the last 15+ years. Known as "the Craftsman Tools for your kitchen," Cutco dates back from 1949. Cutco knives are hand-crafted in the US-based factory in Olean, New York.

Not only do Cutco implements stay much sharper than the average knife with their very own "Double-D Edge," they also have an ergonomic handle designed for people with arthritis. Cutco’s quality is absolutely unbeatable. Cutco uses a very expensive thermo-resin called Celcon (similar to the material used in bowling balls, football helmets, and what’s used to line dishwashers) for the handles and the highest quality steel available in cutlery today for their blades — 440A steel to be exact (many doctors and dentists use this steel in surgical instruments). Cutco handles are also complete with nickel-silver rivets (yes, the same nickel-silver you find in jewelry).

The Forever Guarantee: Lastly, Cutco wouldn’t be Cutco without its most well-known and admired feature: its famous FOREVER Guarantee. To clarify, it is not a Lifetime Guarantee, but quite literally FOREVER (in fact, most Cutco owners to write Cutco in their wills). To sum it up, you can break it, rust it, throw it down the dishwasher disposal, etc. and as long as you send your knife back to Cutco, they’ll send you a new knife for no charge. Customers’ favorite part of this? You don’t even need a receipt. And, when you first purchase Cutco, you can try Cutco out for 15 business days. If you’re not satisfied, they will refund your money, no questions asked. There’s a reason Cutco does about $200 million in sales each year — their Guarantee works and their customer service is incomparable.

Cutco pricing is pretty comparable to high-end cutlery sets in stores today. Sets go from about $300-$2000, pieces $25-$150. The only way to purchase Cutco is through your local rep, or at specific home and remodeling shows. Cutco sales reps work solely from referrals, so friends and family can also refer you to a Cutco rep if they already know one.

Be on the lookout for Cutco on "John Ratzenberger’s Made in America" on the Discovery Channel, "Unwrapped" on the Food Network Show, and coming soon on the History Channel’s "Modern Marvels."

Since Cutco is only sold through sales reps, if you’re interested in a demonstration of Cutco’s high-end cutlery and kitchen implements, contact Deanna. She’ll be at the LA Fair at the Pomona Fair Grounds until Sunday, September 30th. She says, "We will be in our usual spot in Building #5 so come by and say ‘Hello’ to me at the CUTCO Booth! We will have many fair specials and new products to take home!"

UPDATE: The LA Fair fair normally runs Wed-Sun for the month of September, and the Cutco folks are now in Building #9.

If you’ve missed it, or wish a home demonstration:

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89 Comments for "Cutco Knives Review"

  1. Knives Journal

    These knives sound pretty great for that price range. I hope they have a rep somewhere farther south of LA since I’m down here in orange county.

  2. Diane Vigil

    I would guess that they do — just give them a call and they can tell you. Nice blog, by the way.

  3. Garrick Saito

    “Cutco, the World’s Finest Cutlery.”

    I haven’t heard that in a long time — but I’ve said that phrase thousands of times. I sold Cutco while in college for four years.

    30 years later, my Cutco set is still going strong.

    Its a great investment, when you consider you buy one set and you’ll never have to buy another knife for the rest of your life. .

  4. Diane Vigil

    No kidding; 30 years?! Excellent. I expect ours to last long, then. <ahem> I’m also looking at the cleavers, although I guess I’ll have to get another block to hold everything.

  5. George Vigil

    We’re also looking at buying Cutco stainless steel pans. I couldn’t find cast iron at the various department stores and we’re going away from the teflon coated pans.

  6. Diane Vigil

    Ahhh, I foresee shopping in our future. :)

  7. Mary Kanthack

    I’ve had Cutco for 15 years and just had them sharpened! They have been great.I am looking at a Santoku knife to add to my set. But, the basic kitchen set has met my needs for years and I cook all the time.
    I would push George toward looking at Lifetime pots and pans ( no I don’t sell them).
    They, like Cutco, are the best. Your food will never taste the same. You won’t believe it. Both are made by West Bend. But, the Lifetime is a little higher quality. Probably a little more expensive too. Have fun.

  8. Diane Vigil

    Thank you, Mary. Good to know that Cutco lasts so long — and we’ll look into the Lifetime pots and pans.

  9. Jim

    CUTCO makes 5 layer (2 Stainless steel 3 inner aluminum) very even heat, waterless cookware, same forever guarantee as their Knives.

  10. Diane Vigil

    Interesting, Jim. We’ll take a look — and thanks for letting us know.

  11. Omar zapata

    My Name is Omar Zapata, and i am a Cutco sales representative. I realize since Cutco products have to be purchased by a sales rep,it can be difficult to get in touch with a rep. I am letting everyone know I sell cutco for anyone who has cutco, wants cutco, or would just like to hear about the greatness of cutco cutlery. I can sell you anything you’d like over the phone, or in person. If you would like to see any Cutco catalogs i can get you one as well.
    You can Email me at sasuke46@hotmail.com and i Will answer any questions youmay have.

  12. Laura

    I love Cutco and everything they make it seems like they make them just for me :) but I have had them for about 10 years and there has not gone a day with out me using them. Even my husband uses them and thats a shock to me. I love them but the only thing I didn’t like was that i couldnt buy them when I wanted I had to wait for a sales rep so i decided to look online and there is a new website for cutco its called [deleted] I’ll try to put it in a link.

    I definitely recommend them for everyone who likes to cook , or even hates to cook because you get out of the kitchen faster :)

    [Edited by moderator]

  13. Diane Vigil

    Thanks, Laura, for sharing your experience. We’re enjoying ours, too.

    It looks like the the website you mentioned may not be owned by Cutco (at least the addresses for the domains are different). Maybe it’s owned by a representative?

  14. Korey Ray

    Regarding the Cutco Store:

    It is, indeed, not Vector (Cutco’s marketer) affiliated. You’ll note that they mark up their items by a great deal (we sell the largest set at 2911, they sell it at 3900).

    -Ast. Mngr, Visalia Office

  15. Diane Vigil

    Hi, Korey Ray; welcome to wewantorganicfood.com.

    If I could ask for a clarification, you (and Laura?) are associated with the website Laura mentioned?

  16. Korey Ray

    No, I’m a manager within Vector Marketing (the owner of the Cutco and Regalware product lines).

  17. Diane Vigil

    Thanks. So Vector Marketing owns Cutco and Regalware, and the other website is not a Cutco sales rep?

  18. Korey Ray

    There is a rep somewhere behind the scenes. Thats the only way they could gain access to the product in the first place; they are not, however, company-supported in any way.

  19. Diane Vigil

    I figured it would be a rep, so thanks for the info.

  20. Korey Ray

    You’re quite welcome madam.

  21. James D

    I am happy to hear everyone is pleased with Cutco Cutlery and I am proud to say I am a Sales Rep and anyone who would like information on this product you can e-mail me at jdow5186@yahoo.com and I will be happy to help you in anyway possible.

  22. Alana

    Hi Everyone!
    I’m a sales rep in Southwestern Ontario (Canada) and am more than willing to do a demo for anyone interested. E-mail me at alana_foster@live.ca to set up an appointment.

  23. rob

    Way overpriced and over rated. You got got be kidding me! I purchased 3 knives . $100. Ea. For that price i could have bot and ENTIRE set of Henkls with a bloc. I didn’t mind helping out a friends daughter, but geeze Louise.

  24. Diane Vigil

    Hi Rob. Yes, they’re very expensive. And, of course, we had loads of knives before we purchased our Cutco set … but there’s no comparison in quality. So … we’re happy (and we did get the block and a few other things as well). And I’m pleased to know I’ll likely never have to buy another knife.

    But, as they say, to each his own.

  25. Omar Zapata

    Hey Mr. Rob. The cutco Knives can be expensive but if you check out the price for an actual set of henckels (twin Cuisine set) which is comparable to our cutco knifes, you will find out that henckels price rates start at about $1,200, any set of henkels that you can afford at 300 bucks will be about middle Quality and will eventually be replaced, plus Henkels ofers no Forever guarantee, (you get what you pay for.)

  26. Korey Ray

    As the adage goes, Rob: “Cheap things aren’t good and good things aren’t cheap.”

  27. Andrew DeVlieger

    My Name is Andrew DeVlieger, and I also am a Cutco sales representative. Since Cutco must be purchased through a sales rep, it can be difficult to order cutco unless you know someone who sells it. I am letting everyone know I sell cutco for anyone who has cutco, wants cutco, or would just like to hear about the greatness of cutco cutlery. I can sell you anything you’d like over the phone, or in person. If you would like to see any Cutco catalogs i can get you one as well.
    You can Email me at andrewdevlieger@gmail.com and I will answer any questions.

  28. Sidney DiVincent

    Wow! I have been working with Cutco Corporation for the past year and it feels GREAT to know that I am representing the absolute, hands down BEST product of its kind. It’s also great to see all of this positive feedback and hear all of these great stories about how much you guys love our product. If any of you ever have any questions or need any Cutco products I will be more than happy to assist you with purchases, via phone, internet, or demonstration. And if you do contact me and tell me you saw this posting I’ll include free items with your purchase guaranteed! (Which comes out of my pay). It’s just so fulfilling to work with such great customers. You can reach me at sidney.cutcorep@yahoo.com. Thanks to all of our existing customers who have made us the #1 selling cutlery for the past 30 years!!

  29. Joseph

    If anyone is looking for a rep to work with in the Texas area I am your CUTCO guy .I have been with the company for 4 years and enjoy it. So if anybody is the area of Austin and anything south I can surely help you out in sales or service with your CUTCO . You can email me at jrodriguez6476@yahoo.com Thanks

    Joseph Rodriguez
    2008 CUTCO Sales Professional
    Residential Sales & Service
    Business Gift Consultant

  30. Craig Kellerman

    Hi Im a sales Rep forom the Hudson Valley regeon in NY, and I can say that these knives are the finnest in the world and everyone who cooks or even likes to save money should consider Cutco! On top of beeing the best they are guaranteed FOREVER! If there is anyone in the Hudson Valley regeon interested give me a call we’ll set up a demo and you can decide for yourself!
    Craig Kellerman (845)-625-3582
    e-mail Craig.Kellerman@Yahoo.com

  31. erik

    I just bought a set, first knife set ever, I thought I would surely buy german, as I am german, and they make the best standard cutlery in the world, but I was wrong and I guess I will have to wait and see if I was fooled or not. Points of consideration: Great warranty(prob the best you will ever find on any product), limited endorsement by chefs or restaurants (they say they don’t sell the knives to restaurants because they get stolen, but please, you expect me to believe that 5 star places use crappy knives because they are afraid they will get stolen, humbuggery), they are pricey when comparing to online deals, but overall very impressed with their cutting ability. Oh and the handles are dorky, very much so.

  32. Diane Vigil

    Hello, Eric. It was the cutting ability that sold us, too. Ours have stayed sharp for several years now, with no real need to have them re-sharpened. Hope you do as well!

    The restaurant thing doesn’t sound likely. I imagine (with my “solid” experience of watching chef and cooking shows on TV!) that chefs use whatever they like, but I wouldn’t know, really.

  33. Sid

    Hi Eric.
    I\’m the Sales Manager for a local Vector office that is responsible for selling Cutco products. When I first started as a rep, I went to see a chef that I had known for years through a friend. When I asked him if he had ever heard of Cutco, he said yes. When he was a chef for another up scale restaurant, the owner had purchased a few sets of Cutco for them in the back. Not a month later, he said nearly half of it had been stolen. So it is true that it is too expensive for restaurants themselves to buy. It is better to approach an actual chef who brings his or her own knives to work. Also through my experience, I\’ve found that alot of restuarants (even the first class ones) rent their knives or buy them for about $2 a piece, which is a price that Cutco cannot match because our quality is beyond better. And as far as the handles being \"dorky\", I\’ve come across several different customers who have arthritis and the universal wedge lock handle that we have conforms to their hand, allowing them to cut and cook for extended periods of time without having any pain in their hands.

  34. Diane Vigil

    Hi, Sid. Thanks for the information — for those of us (me) who aren’t professional chefs in restaurants, it’s information that we (I!) didn’t have. It’s a shame to hear that stuff gets stolen from restaurants, but there you go.

    Thanks for stopping by … and welcome to We Want Organic Food.

  35. erik

    u guys sure are quick to defend your product, fair enough on the chef thing, but maybe sponsoring them would up sales so you don\’t have to try so hard. And about the handles, I don\’t have arthritis and I still think they are dorky, I\’m a designer, so I know for a fact that they could look better and still be ergonomic. Just look at a Porsche or an Eames chair, they sacrificed nothing, have a superb, superior quality product that sells itself. Take that to your higher powers for marketing. None the less I\’m still excited to get my new knives in the mail, I hope tomorrow!!

  36. Jean Miller

    I received as a gift three cutco knives. The cheese knife is absolutely wonderful–can be used for cutting brownies, slicing tomatoes, iced cakes, etc., etc.

    The vegetable peeler is also good but not as fantastic.

    The small paring knife I do not use because it is too sharp for the way I use a paring knive and I don’t like the blood that it draws.

    P. S. I’m not sure I read the number correctly.

  37. Diane Vigil

    Hi Jean — glad you’re enjoying your Cutco products — but -ouch!- re cutting yourself with the paring knife.

    I didn’t understand what you meant about reading the number correctly … could you explain?

  38. john

    Cutco is overpriced & overrated. Find out more at the link below.


  39. Diane Vigil

    Interesting, and thanks for your comment, John.

    I’m not a knife expert or a professional chef, but I’ve had a lot of knives in my time, and I have to say that these have stayed very sharp for the three(?) years we’ve had them. That said, the points in the article are well taken — but, that said, we’re pretty happy with our Cutco knives.

  40. Jean Miller

    I don’t know what my supposed P.S. was all about, either.

  41. Diane Vigil

    Ah, okay, Jean. Thanks.

  42. Sid

    Wow, that was actually a pretty interesting article John. The only thing I can say to that is above all, the reason Cutco is better is because of the guarantee. It’s forever. To say that Wal-Marts 30 day guarantee is better than Cutco’s Forever Guarantee is not accurate. From a sales representatives point of view, I have had only one customer return their Cutco that was not satisfied, and they didn’t return it until having it for over 3 months. Even though we say it’s a 15- Day money back guarantee, the company strives for customer satisfaction. That particular customer got a 100% refund even though it was well past 15 days. That’s the best part about Cutco. Even if our stuff isn’t made with “THE BEST” type of steel, if it does start to rust or pit, send it back to the company and you get a brand new one for FREE.
    Let me tell you a story about when and why I realized why Cutco was the best product period. I live in New Orleans and I started with Vector Marketing after Hurricane Katrina. I saw two customers in particular that had their Cutco destroyed in the storm. Thier houses were flooded out, however when doing a walkthrough of their houses, they retrieved their Cutco, which was A MESS!! I’m talkin about rusting, pitting, fungus infested, the works! These knives probably had about 10 diseases on them! One customer had a Homemaker + 8 but she couldn’t find all the pieces to her set. We took the pieces that she could find, put them in a box and sent it to our factory in Olean, NY and in two weeks, that customer wound up with a brand new Homemaker +8, even the pieces she couldn’t find! To see the look on her face when I brought them to her was the best thing in the world. That year, the New Orleans office took about a $700,000 hit for giving out new products for FREE to customers who’s stuff was destroyed in the storm. Henckles would laugh at someone who wanted a new set because their house was flooded out. Any company would. And for the record, last year Henckles sold about $55,000,000 worth. Cutco sold $197,000,000.

  43. Sid

    I also ran into a customer who had owned their Cutco since 1973. It was passed down to her from her mother and it had never been resharpened! I’m not going to lie, not only was it dulled beyond belief, but it looked bad! Again, sent it back to the factory and what would now be about $1500 in Cutco was all resharpened and refurbished to look and cut like it was brand new…and it was all for FREE.

  44. Diane Vigil

    Thanks, Sid. I hadn’t heard those stories until now; we purchased our Cutco because it was sharp, felt like quality, and because we wanted it. (We’re like that.)

    But those stories are wonderful.

    ADDED: re the article, the comments are interesting; the few I read seriously challenge the writer’s points.

  45. Sid

    Your welcome. I love sharing customer stories with others and hearing stories as well. This is a really cool new feature Cutco has put on thier website: http://www.cutco.com/cafe/cafeDisplay.jsp
    Customers share thier different stories about thier Cutco sets. Check it out.

  46. Diane Vigil

    Yes, very cool. Clever idea. Thanks, Sid.

  47. Brian Hanks

    I just started as a Cutco sales rep, and if anyone is in the Southeast Texas area and would like a demonstration feel free to contact me at brhanks305@gmail.com or 409-720-9807. These knives are durable, attractive, economical, and most of all sanitary. Plus the forever guarantee really lets you know that this product is high quality.

  48. Harry Man

    I have my set for over 10 years, and they\’re still as sharp as they were when I got them and I never sharpen them.

  49. Diane Vigil

    Ten years — that’s good to hear, Harry. Fantastic.

  50. Danny

    Hello All,

    My name is Danny Hesslau and I am a sales rep for the Chicago-land area.

    If anyone is interested in placing any orders feel free to email me @ dhesslau@gmail.com with your name,number, and time that would be best to call you. At that point we can arrange an appointment.

    Also, If you are not from the Chicago land area, feel free to send me an email as well. I can process the order over the phone!

    Looking forward to hearing back from you all!!
    -Danny Hesslau

  51. Tom

    I own Cutco Knives, I own Wusthof knives, I own a Henckel knife and I own Wally World knives

    I own Gerber survival knives, a Ron Best Hunting knife and a Kressler Stag.

    The Best knife is over Two grand, the Kressler over Six Thousand ($6,000.00) dollars

    I actually like my Wusthof knife the best, all $395.00 dollars of it, my “Wallyworld” knives often get used for day to day use by family and kids for everything from opening boxes to making sandwiches to cutting roasts

    The Cutco knives receive 95% of the use in my home, they are a sharp as anything (Except a knife I have spent 8 hours whet-stoning, and that edge would not hold up to daily cooking by any means), work wonderfully and are “touched up” weekly (I have only two “Double D type”) for sharpness and returned to the factory about every 10-12 months as I am sort of fanatical about sharpness and the added bonus of having the handle buffed and shined, inspections for tightness etc

    Yes, there are better knives than Cutco, there are better cars than Cadillac, but for the price I am very happy with my Caddy and Cutco (I especially love the Double D cheese slicer, it has become the de facto box cutter/utility knife as well as cheese knife, unreal the way it cuts the heavy cardboard box as it was cheese

    The only sad thing I have noticed is Cutco has developed a “Cult” following; try and buy a used one on EBay and you will find they are selling for close to new prices

    I used to find old Cutco knives for $5-10 bucks and have them refurbished , now you are lucky to find one for under $25.00

    Anyone wanting to get rid of Cutco they don’t like, email me at tomas090@hotmail.com and maybe we can make a deal :-)

  52. Tom

    BTW, that article by “Knife expert” or Knife reviewer” is spammed all over the web, obviously a disgruntled Ex Cutco salesperson though he/she will deny it

    Who else would take that time to continue to write such rubbish for no gain?

  53. Diane Vigil

    Hi, Tom, and thanks for your input. Are you saying that one Kressler Stag cost over $6,000? Whew. You are far more serious than I about knives!

  54. Gwen Richards

    Hey everyone i just started working with CUTCO and Im telling you our product is the best. What icecream scooper you know can melt ice?…what scissor you know cuts pennies? If your in nyc any part of the 5 borough’s and would want to check out my product feel free to contact me. You don’t have to buy but if you see something you like all you got to do is let me know. 917.806.9639 and my email is gwenrichards20@aim.com

  55. Susan Cagle

    I also am pleased to say that I am a sales rep for Cutco Cutlery. If anyone has any questions or would like to set up an appointment, shoot me an email. I live in the Houston area.

  56. Tc Smith

    Theres alot of reps who try and Market themselves on here.

    I too am a Cutco rep in the Southern California area (la,San diego, El centro)reach me at cutcotc@gmail.com

    anyways Im more interested in Wondering the differences of Cutco and other brands of Cutlery. I have a few sales that didn\\\’t go through because they think there are better knives out there. And they base this Information on Chefs talking about the material Cutco is made out of which is only opinion base how well they perform. giving the fact that this is true, which knives actually do hold up to par with Cutco?

    Tom owns a number of High End brands and you said your cutco gets 95% of the use Which I would assume if this is the case it needs the most sharpening. which knives holds the edge longest and how often do you have to sharpen them yourself to retain its cut?

    thanks TC!

  57. DM

    Hey TC. I am a District Manager in the Southwest Region in Louisiana. There are plenty differences between Cutco and other brands. The best cutlery out there besides Cutco is without a doubt Henckles or Wusthof. That is why we compare Henckles to Cutco in the demonstration. You want to build Henckles up to your customers as if it were the best. After all, they have been making knives longer than the United States has been a country (1731). Go on Youtube and search for \"cutco on modern marvels\" and it explains everything. Or you can just ask your District Manager for clarification as well. Hope this helps!

  58. Tc Smith

    Thank you Dm. I appreciate the response. I realize the significance of the material. In response to other chefs and researching on other Materials Im aware so far that Wustoff and Henckles don’t really stand up to Par with Cutco. Sure they use similar steal, But its not that great. there are other knives out there that use better materials. well I also agree that this statement is opinioned based. What really makes vg-2 type steal any better than 440A steal. Henckles or Wustoff knives cannont nearly hold an edge nearly as long as cutco

    I sold a homie+8 to a customer who owned Henckles and wustoff and He agreed that for a “good” set of knives not even a “great” set but or a good knives you would pay anywhere from 300-500$ Bucks. And to get ANY value at all out of your set you have to know what your doing when sharpening their knives. If you don’t, your not goign to maintain them, and they will be as useless paying for Crap knives that’ll also dull on you.

    He only owned his Wustoff and Henckles for 2 years. I offered to sharpen his henckles to be nice because I felt he should have something decent to cut with until his new set came in. when I started sharpening it…THEY WERE DULLL! and no he doesn’t use a glass cutting board, or use one knife everything, he had a set. ITS LONGEVITY IS AWFUL. he never sharpened it (obviously) its says in the instructions to sharpen after ever use. he only owned his knives for 2 years, and how dull they were, henckles wont sharpen it for free, or offer the guarentee, It was as dull as a cutco knife Ive sharpened before (straight edge im talking about) that was well over 20 years old. some 10 years because of how often they use it.

    My originally question which knives hold up to par with cutco…given if cutco was made without are awsome guarentee. Henckles and wustoff is good…but not as good as cutco in material. What about Shun? or Global?
    Global is also stamped, and Shun Is forged…I wanted to know the difference in performance with these knives

    thanks -tc

  59. CORY

    CUTCO’s awesome. They just had a Homemaker+8 set as a prize on the Price is Right!!! I love these knives. I just started selling them as well, and I have not had anyone not want them. The knives sell themselves..especially to people that already own one or two. They definitely beat any other knife I have ever used. If anyone is looking into them, I highly recommend them.

  60. Craig

    Hello everyone, I would like to say thank you to all the cutco customers that posted their views and opinions on this website. I have been a cutco rep for two weeks now and I am absolutely loving it. It’s great to talk on the phone and to go into peoples homes that are so passionate about their cutlery. I strongly believe in everything that cutco offers, and everything they stand for. :) Anyways, I wanted to let everyone know that if you need any cutco products I would love for you to get a hold of me. Please email me at cloper8@hotmail.com and I would love to discuss what you need or what you are interested in. :) Thanks

  61. Tyler Ramer

    I just started as a sales rep in Douglas County, Oregon. I was somewhat skeptical about the job at first, as well as how much the branch manager talked up the product in the hour long group interview. Then I saw the knives in action, and saw the guarantee, and realized that these aren’t just some average knives being shined up and talked up a lot to look better than they are. The guarantee had me sold on them instantaneously.

    There was one guy on a forum somewhere online when I was researching these knives on my own time, that said he found a CutCo knife at a flea market somewhere for like 50 cents. He heard about the guarantee, sent it in, keep in mind he had NO proof of purchase, and they sharpened it, cleaned it up and sent it back in practically brand new condition, and he only paid shipping. People might ask “Why do we have to pay shipping if we need it sharpened?” I say those people should look at the fact that as long as you’re not digging holes in your yard with these knives, the edge stays sharp for 7 years. So, paying a little shipping about every 7 years to have your knife re-sharpened and restored to pristine condition is a good deal, I think. So, if you buy a set of knives from CutCo, you will probably never have to buy another kitchen knife again.

    The job itself so far is great; its not a high pressure sales job. I’m not the used car salesman who makes you feel pressured into purchasing something you don’t want to. I’m basically showing off something that I myself have a lot of admiration for, and then giving you the option to buy it. If you say no, no big deal; I’m getting paid anyway! I LOVE the low pressure approach. The knives do very well at selling themselves (I know that line is kind of cheesy, but its just so true). A lot of people have tried to tell me the job is a scam, I won’t make much money, or I won’t do well at it. I won’t let that discourage me. Out of the thousands of young sales reps around the country my age, why do I have to be the ONE that fails? How can all these other people be successful at it, and I can’t? There’s no reason I can’t do well at this.

    These knives are great. I use the demo set I have on my own time, and my old knives just sit in their little wood block gathering dust. I plan on letting the local office here cash the check I gave them so I can keep the knives for myself.

    I know I ramble a lot and it probably sounds like I’m trying to sell the knives online. Its just that I really do like them a lot and I get all excited when I have the chance to talk about how good they are compared to others. People around me tell me I sound like a salesman when I’m just talking casually about the knives. Every time.

    Anyway, I remember something in the sales rep contract about not being allowed to advertise CutCo through media like the newspaper, internet, etc, but I’ve seen a lot of sales reps offer up their contact information on here so that potential customers can get a hold of them for a demo. So I was hoping a Vector manager of some sort, since I’ve seen plenty of them post on this particular site, would be able to post here tell me if I’m actually allowed to post my contact information here for the purposes of offering a demonstration? I’d rather ask a stupid question than do something stupid, so here I am =)

    Anyway, thanks for reading my ramble!

  62. Diane Vigil

    Thanks for your thoughts, Tyler. It’s always good to hear input about Cutco.

    At Comment 16 above, you’ll see that a Korey Ray posted here, and stated that he’s a manager at Vector.

  63. Judy

    I\’ve had Cutco cutlery for well over 10 years. They are the very best – even better than Henkels. They are well worth the price considering they have a life-time warranty and last forever. Great knives!!

  64. Shelly Lipanovich

    I am a sales rep in the South Bay area. LA, Long Beach, and surrounding cities. If anyone is interested and looking for a rep near them, you can contact me :) I will be more than happy to come out and give a free demo. (Lipanovichshelly@yahoo.com) I go to California State University, Long Beach.
    My parents have never had a set of good cutlery untill recently and it really does make a difference. We are all cooking more and enjoying the ease of preparing a meal. ALl of us are just amazed> it is well worth the investment because we will have it forever. “Good things aren’t cheap and cheap things aren’t good”

  65. Joshua

    I am also a proud rep. for vector marketing and these really are the best knives i have ever seen/or owned!Chicago/Henckel/Wust Hof/are no competion!if they wasnt the business then they wouldnt have made it 61 years//and made it on modern marvels and ect…HOUSTON TEXAS

  66. Angela Thompson

    I am a rep in the New London CT office, just started my training accually and I think the product is great. After seeing and using Cutco, I could not imagin using any other knife around my home. I have two small kids and the sanatary value of the knives alone sold me. And I want to add the pizza cutter, that thing is great. My eight year old can cut her own pizza and not worry about cutting herself. The blade on the pizza cutter is not at all sharp to the touch, but cuts better then the sharp walmart brands I’m use to buying. If anyone in New London county wants, needs or just wants to check out Cutco’s products, drop me a e-mail and we’ll set it up at your convience. Wildcatt420@yahoo.com
    Thanks to all of you who are devoted to your Cutco products, and to the sales reps who sell these products.

  67. drains

    How does Cutco compare in quality to say Wusthof? I have Wusthof knives and it is hard to imagine a better knife for any price than Wusthof. Thanks

  68. Diane Vigil

    I don’t know, drains — but I’m glad you like your knives. :)

  69. drains

    Thanks for the reply Diane Vigil. I saw the program about making Cutco knives and am very impressed with the care and attention to detail involved in the process. Of course the added plus is that they are made in America. The testimonials I have read seem to be sincere and honest. I may just have to look into Cutco knives myself soon. Peace

  70. Terri Haver

    First of all let me say that I NEVER write reviews, HOWEVER, I have to say, that I have had my set of Cutco knives now over 20 years, and if my house were to catch on fire, after the photo albums and laptop, I would run into a burning kitchen to grab them. They are that good!

    Now my son is getting married, (he was only 5 when the college sales person came to our house), and was awestruck with the scissors cutting easily through a penny, he and his bride have requested a set. This is going to be our gift to them, as Cutco will engrave each knife.

    PLUS, my set is the white handled set. I did this on purpose as I had 3 little kids, and the knives are so sharp, that I wanted to know from a distance if I saw one of them with a knife, how serious danger they were in. I love the white handles and the engraving is simply a classy bonus. The fact is I’ve never bought another knife since! And I cook a lot and do a lot of old fashioned canning.

    A thot for those who do a lot of paring, since Cutco sharpens your knives for free via shipping them to them, I bought 2 more paring knives, and can have one being sharpened, and not miss my favorite knife.

    As a gift to a fisherman, I purchased the fishermans filleting knife, had it engraved. He loves it as it come in a (or used to anyway) water safe case that attaches to a belt.

  71. Maryann Labenski

    My sister’s house burned down and in the rubble I found her charred block of what were once Cutco knives, melted to the blade. I took a chance and returned them, hoping they might replace some. Within one week Cutco replaced every knife and the block at absolutely no cost !! This was over a $1200 replacement. Amazing customer service !

  72. Diane Vigil

    Thanks for relating your great experiences, all. Keep them coming!

  73. musicman4283

    I have been in the knife industry for many years in both sales, production, and use of all kinds of knives. Cutco is by no means the world’s finest cutlery. This fact is common knowledge among people in the metalurgy and knife industries. Vector Marketing is a pyramid scheme company that uses people who aren’t educated about metalurgy, then Vector indoctrinates employees to believe that they do actually know what they are talking about, but they truly don’t. The reason your article sounds like marketing for Cutco is because that is exactly what it is. Certainly, either yourself or Deanna wrote this article with the intention of getting more sales, not with the genuine intent to inform people of which knives are good or bad. When this comment gets deleted from your blog, I will know if I was right about you being a Vector Marketing employee or not!

    [Moderator edit: this poster turned out to be a troll, posting in order to promote his own preferred brand of knives.]

  74. Diane Vigil

    musicman, I approved your comment simply because you’re wrong about me working for Cutco (although I did delete your promotional link) .

    First of all, this is my website, and I wrote the article. I wrote it because we bought some Cutco knives from a friend’s daughter. We liked the knives. That’s all.

    Did we buy every kind of knife on the market so that we could test all knives and make a choice? No. Apparently that’s what we "should" have done. But for our purposes, that would be preposterous. I bought something, I liked it, end of story.

    And, by the way, I’ve had my own web design company for 15 years. I’m not out selling knives. But believe what you want.

    I don’t know what it is about knives that causes some people to get into a tizzy and roam the Web accusing others they don’t know of … who knows what.

    For me, buying knives, utensils, appliances, etc. that turn out to work for our purposes does not put me into a frenzy, or a need to prove others wrong or vent spleen at them. Maybe that’s just me.

  75. Diane Vigil

    P.S. Your comment was thrown into the automated spam folder of our blog, so I only now found it.

  76. George Vigil


    Why do you have to do such a hatchet job on Cutco in order to get us to listen to what YOU have to sell?

    In sales, it’s very poor taste when one tears down (in your case, unfairly) the reputation of another company in order to sell your company’s wares.

    Too much force!

    It makes me suspect that the quality of your knives may not be so good. Or, that your company management is, dare I say it, cut throat. This is my opinion.

    It’s good we did not put your advertisement on this thread. Your sales method, well, it’s not very effective. It evokes in me a “no sale” attitude.

    George Vigil

  77. George Vigil

    P.S. musicman,

    “When this comment gets deleted from your blog, I will know if I was right about you being a Vector Marketing employee or not!”

    Wow! While using the venue of this blog to spread the word about YOUR product you are trying to sell, you are implying something is wrong with Vector Marketing and accusing us of working as an agent for Vector Marketing.

    This method of sales is the use of specious accusation that something is wrong, or not above board, in order obtain a forum to pitch your product.

    Clever. It might work if you were in the witch hunt business.

    But, again, a bad method of dissemination of your product. It closed the door on you being able to, in a civil manner, make your product known. Bad SALES technique.

    Vector Marketing is a pretty cool name for a company, wouldn’t you say. I like what it implies: power, strength, something that lasts, which to me indicates that sales by word-of-mouth must be pretty good, or sustainable, for Cutco Knives.

    In a free market, Companies usually last because their products are good and they have built up a word-of-mouth reputation with their customers as being worth it. And Cutco has been around for a very long time!

    Your scorched earth method of selling your products won’t work too well here.

    Perhaps, you are not being a very good representative of your Knife company. We’ll never know, because YOU closed that door.

    Blame yourself for wasting an opportunity,

    George Vigil

  78. shelly

    I’d like to add to musicmans post too. First of all, pyramid schemes are illegal here in the U.S so that just goes to show that you are unaware of what a pyramid scheme is. A pyramid scheme is when all the people underneath you don’t make any money and all the profits go to you and not them. That’s illegal. That’s not the case for Cutco. It’s called Network Marketing. You work hard and you’re rewarded for it. You work through your own network. Each person has a network of about 100 people. You do the math. If you know how to work it, you can make some good money.

    I have my Bachelors in Business Marketing and selling Cutco in college was the best thing I could have done. Their training is awesome and the motivation and team work gets everyone goin’… Not to mention people have been asking me if I’m still selling Cutco cause that’s how good the knives are. US made and quality and sharpness speak for itself.

    My cousin is getting married and guess what she said she wanted as a gift?…. A Cutco cutlery set! HA! It’s the best I tell ya =)

  79. Diane Vigil

    Yes, well, I deleted the link from your initial comment. We also received the two nasty emails from you.

    Buy whatever knives you want. Require people to be knowledgeable in metallurgy in order to talk about knives they like if you must. Truly, this isn’t a topic that drives me to hysteria.

  80. George Vigil


    Congratulations on your sale of Cutco knives to your cousin. And I’d like to add that you are a great representative of Vector Marketing.

    Also, I didn’t think of the distinction between a pyramid scheme and network marketing. Thank you for picking that up and clarifying it – with the TRUTH that Cutco uses Vector Marketing (I really like that name) for network marketing. Cutco is sound because it sells high quality knives and has excellent sales people you, Shelly, and Deanna Scortino, whom we bought our knives from. Quality all around.

    Personally, I find Cutco knives to be of high quality. And a day does not go by when I do not use them, more than once. My Cutco knives have kept their edge for over six years of use.

    You could call me a satisfied customer.

    George Vigil

  81. shelly

    Hmmm. I’m more factual person, I see that you still don’t understand the concept behind pyramid scheme and network marketing. You can use whatever facts you want against your argument because that’s the art of persuasion and I would expect you to do so. Anyhow, a lot of political decisions or slangs come from religious backgrounds and every country is so different in what they believe in or how their government works. Either way someone here is getting super defensive cause you want everyone the buy [his] knifes instead. Lol. Good luck to ya.

  82. Diane Vigil

    Hi folks. We’ve edited this Cutco knives thread a bit, as musicman4283’s comments became ever more heated. Sorry for the trouble and for not ending it sooner.

    To be honest, we wouldn’t have cared if someone had mentioned their own preferred brand of knives. We’re not specialists (and not, as musicman4283 claimed, Cutco merchants). That said, wildly posting accusations and libelous claims without proof just doesn’t do it for us.

  83. Cole

    Just got the Carving Set for x-mas and used it tonight on a Costco Chicken. It was like slicing through butter. Growing up all I knew about my mothers knives was that we were not to use them, they were her jewels. Last year when a friend asked to give a presentation, I said sure. When she arrived and mentioned CutCo and showed me a brochure, i quickly called my mom, asked her if her knives were CutCo (she answered yes) I knew I believed in the product before hearing the presentation.

  84. Diane Vigil

    Wonderful. Enjoy! We still haven’t needed to get our sharpened. :)

  85. Elmer Hazen

    I got out of high school in June 1964. A year later I sold cutco part time. Several of my sales were to female class mates of mine from high school who were starting a hope chest. As class mates I still have occasions to speak with them. To this day, as far as I understand they still have their set of knives and utinsils,still use them and still are happy with them. I still have my set of knives, steak knives, utinsils etc still use them and are more then happy with them. They are the only knives and knife set we’ve used since 1967 when we got married.

  86. Diane Vigil

    Sounds great, Elmer. I think we got our Cutco set in 2006. We haven’t had it for your decades yet, but it’s still going strong.

  87. Mike N

    I’m a new manager with vector, and was skimming the internet and found this blog.
    I just want to applaud both Diane and George for defending your opinions from musicman.
    With a company that has been attacked so many times by naive people, it’s nice to hear from rational cutco owners like yourselves and many of the other people who posted on this blog. It gives me more confidence as a rep/manager in what I do seeing happy customer’s like yourselves.
    People try and bring down cutco/vector by comparing us to every knife out there. What people don’t understand is that cutco is made for normal everyday families not Professional chefs. It’s designed to be high quality but also low maintenance so it can make a family’s everyday tasks much more simple/efficient.
    And as representatives all we do is explain all the reasons why other people bought and show clients the product, and they make the decision for themselves.
    Two many people over think/complicate it way further then that, but thats really all it comes down to.

    Again thanks so much, hope you and your family continues to enjoy Cutco for many years to come,


  88. Mike N

    P.S. It may not be everyone’s “World’s Finest Cutlery” but it has been for 17 million families.

  89. Diane Vigil

    Thank you for this, Mike.

    Yes, I’ve found it odd that there are people who get extremely worked up about what knives someone else likes and will expend time raining one someone else’s parade — people they don’t even know.

    You make a good point — that Cutco knives are for families. I hadn’t thought of that. We also don’t spend all day chopping and slicing (nor have we had to sharpen our knives yet, and we’re getting close to six years of ownership).

    At any rate, thank you for saying what you’ve said. It’s appreciated. :-)

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