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Organic Bistro One of the nice things about running an organic food website is that you get to meet nice people — like Dr. Laryn Callaway of The Organic Bistro.

Dr. Callaway is a practicing naturopathic physician and an accomplished organic chef who developed the Organic Bistro Whole Life Meals which can be purchased online at

As Dr. Callaway says:

We build Organic Bistro Whole Life Meals to provide optimal levels of nutrition, so organic ingredients are the smart choice. Because organic vegetables, grains, nuts, fruits and spices are grown as nature intended, they draw higher levels of nutrients from the rich soil that is carefully nurtured by organic farmers. Studies have shown that some organic vegetables contain more than 10 times the nutrient levels of their conventional counterparts.

We believe that organic vegetables, grains, nuts, fruits and spices taste better. It’s not scientific; we just eat the Whole Life Meals, then compare them to other frozen entrees made with conventional ingredients. Meals made with wholesome organic ingredients taste better.

Indeed. They do look tasty, don’t they?

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