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We’ve had a fair few people looking for organic recipes, which sounds logical — at one time, I sought the same thing. However, what’s needed for nutritious organic meals is simply that you use … organic ingredients. What this means is that you can:

  1. Use your usual (or new) recipes, and
  2. Use organic ingredients in your recipes

That’s the bottom line. Just don’t use non-organic (“conventional”) ingredients.

Of course, it pays to be able to find organic ingredients (meats, vegetables, herbs, etc.). And it also pays to vary your diet so that you’re not eating the same thing all the time.

One can find ingredients for organic recipes in organic markets, health food stores, and often at local farmers’ markets. Or, perhaps, by letting your fingers do the walking on the Web. Even in organic marketplaces, everything there may not be organic, so it pays to check.

Heck, we even found organic soy sauce … a must if that’s your thing. And, although we’d pretty much switched from sugar to honey years ago, we’ve recently switched from honey to organic agave — a honey-like, very sweet substance that comes from the agave cactus and has a low glycemic index count (which means it doesn’t jack you up to the high hills).

Lastly, be aware of the definitions underlying the “USDA Organic” organic designation, which determines the particular labels that can be used on organic food. See our Definition of Organic Food takes a hit.

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