I was reading an article this morning on Yahoo by Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor for Reuters, which indicates that eating processed foods can cause cancer. The article, Cancer Panel attacks U.S. food subsidies, generally discusses eating unhealthy foods, which I felt was a step in the right direction as it steers us toward eating more fruits and vegetables. This is a good thing IF you are eating fruits and vegetables that are organically grown. To eat conventionally grown fruits and veggies is to take your health into your own hands (see There’s sewage sludge in food?!).

Here in the U.S., "conventionally grown" can take on a whole new meaning, certainly not being what the word "conventional" usually means, which is "based on or in accordance with general agreement, use, or practice". But nowadays, "conventionally grown" is the normal method used in growing fruits and vegetables — that is, using pesticides, fungicides, sewer sludge, radiation, etc., in the growing and preparation of foods. Go figure. And then there are genetically modified foods like corn and soybeans that, by the way, also get fed to animals as well as to us, the consumers.

The article goes on to indicate that processed foods can cause cancer:

"We heavily subsidize the growth of foods (e.g., corn, soy) that in their processed forms (e.g., high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated corn and soybean oils, grain-fed cattle) are known contributors to obesity and associated chronic diseases, including cancer," the report reads.

Soda pop, cookies, French fries, hamburgers, processed shrimp right off the barbie, your favorite steak at your favorite restaurant, ice cream, milk — I’m asking you, where is this unhealthful food NOT?

"This country must not ignore its moral obligation to protect the health of all Americans. We can and must empower individuals to make healthy choices through appropriate policy and legislation, and the panel urges you to use the power of your office toward this life-saving goal," the panel, chaired by Howard University’s Dr. LaSalle Leffall, wrote in a letter to Bush.

So let’s educate each other and then make right choices for ourselves and our families. We can protect our health, and we don’t need to consume processed foods that can cause cancer.

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6 Comments for "Processed foods can cause cancer"

  1. Diane Vigil

    I’ve always wondered about that. I mean, in the last couple of decades, it seems like cancer has become more common. Way more common than when we were kids.

    Of course, when I was a kid, we weren’t eating processed foods (and almost nothing came from a can, except for the occasional Campbell’s soup). Not much desert, either. Mom wasn’t big on sugar or soda pop.

    I’m very happy that we’ve created this website in order to share information with our visitors. I sometimes suspect that, when I mention "organic food" to people, they think I’m talking about "health food" — you know, unleavened bread and shriveled hot dogs, or something (apologies to those who appreciate that type of food). They don’t necessarily know that organic food is food the way it’s supposed to be — healthy and clean. Go figure.

    I figure it’s just an educational step, because we’ve been mis-educated to believe that all these time-saving processed foods are okay to eat, and that they’ll nourish us. But it just isn’t true.

  2. George Vigil

    Health food has a bad connotation, can anyone say oxymoron! It should be named “healthy food.” That way, it will be less MISunderstood.

  3. Diane Vigil

    You’re right. I remember when "health food" was pooh-poohed as something that only "health food faddists" would eat.

    But things are changing. Now we have trans-fats banned from New York City restaurants. Not that I’m there.

    It’s such a shame. Here we are in Los Angeles, one of the big crossroads of the world where you can get anything, and there are few enough organic restaurants (at least, that I can find). The last time we went to a regular restaurant, it took me a few days until I felt quite right again. That’s about enough of that for me.

  4. Monica

    I am doing a paper on healthful eating and it’s unknown effects. I have heard many rumors about eating healthy but I now faced with the task of seperating the two. I am very unfamiliar with what organic grain fed and other terms used by the FDA really mean if you could post some sites so I can do the research it will be appreciated.

  5. Diane Vigil

    Hello, Monica. I’m not sure I understand. You’re doing a paper on the unknown effects of healthful eating and you need to separate the two ("unknown effects" and "healthful eating")? Could you clarify?

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