I’d like to make a correction regarding our statement about Organic Pastures supplying us with RAW milk, colostrum and cream. After I’d written the Organic Pastures sells fantastic Raw Cream article, my wife noticed that some of the Organic Pastures labels bore the RAW-USA symbol but not the USDA Organic symbol. I’ve now spoken to Organic Pastures and was told that they’re having new labels printed that also bear the USDA Organic label. So it is now our understanding that Organic Pastures sells ORGANIC raw milk, colostrum and cream.

RAW-USAThe RAW-USA Certification. Organic Pastures has also created its own designation for milk products — RAW USA — and I’m told that, while their products are organic, they’re above the USDA Organic classification for 100% Organic products. See the RAW-USA Comparison Chart, which contrasts conventional, USDA Organic and RAW-USA standards. It’s an eye-opener.

How you can get above one hundred percent? I don’t know! What I do know is that I’m now sure that the product we are consuming is GOOD for us, say, one hundred and ten percent. I might reiterate that Organic Pastures products do not contain hormones or antibiotics.

Organic Pastures obtains their milk from Holstein and Jersey cows that are grass fed. These cattle walk the pastures and are milked in the pastures, not in some cement stall. Their cows are well taken care of.

The benefits of organic raw milk, colostrum and cream

There are many benefits to raw milk, colostrum and cream. Some are:

  • children are more resistant to Tuberculosis,
  • can prevent scurvy and protects against the flu, diphtheria and pneumonia.
  • prevents tooth decay even in children who eat a lot of sugar.
  • With children, promotes growth and calcium absorption.
  • children who drink raw milk have fewer allergic skin problems and far less asthma than children who drink pasteurized milk.
  • And for all us older people, there’s a substance that is in raw cream (that is not contained in pasteurized cream) which helps prevent joint stiffness and the pain of arthritis.

For more information, visit the RealMilk.com Site Map and go to
» In Focus » BROCHURES » A Campaign for Real Milk
(Note that it’s an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.)

Organic Pastures sells their milk, colostrum and cream in California

They deliver all over California. All you have to do is go to their website at OrganicPastures.com and search their site for the nearest store location. I’m told they’ll even ship to other states. Overall, this trend of bringing organic raw milk, colostrum, cream and cheese to the market is something I hope we continue, because we need more healthy kids, as well as healthy big kids, like me.

I’m of the opinion that Organic Pastures should have on their label (all their labels), very clearly: 100% Organic, as well as their RAW USA designation, and point out that RAW USA is above USDA Organic standards. That way there is no confusion or hesitation, I might add, with plucking these dairy products right out of the refrigeration unit at the nearest health food store and adding them to your offline shopping cart! Yeah?

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5 Comments for "Organic Pastures Raw Milk, Colostrum and Cream are above Organic standards"

  1. Diane Vigil

    I was so relieved to hear this, George, especially as I was the one that noticed that the USDA Organic label was missing from some of Organic Pastures’ dairy products — and I had no idea at the time what the RAW-USA label meant.

    I have to say that, while I thought I was feeling okay before we started with the raw milk, raw colostrum and raw cream, I’m feeling so much better now. Which is great because they taste good too — not like the tasteless milk from regular stores.

  2. George Vigil

    Yeah! We have to learn to use our food faster because the shelf life is a little smaller in length. I guess we’re “sacrificing” shelf life for nutritional value. Of the two ideas, what’s more important? Hands down, nutritional value – the benefit to our bodies.

  3. Diane Vigil

    You’re right. The thing is that we could preserve our food longer through the use of preservatives, but that means that we’re adding stuff to it that makes it more difficult to digest — so what’s the point?!

    Lynn spoke of a vacuum-sealer machine for food — like the ones we see on TV, where you seal plastic bags and pump the air out. I’d certainly like to try that.

  4. George Vigil

    And I would like to own such a machine, grow our own garden and seal all this food and throw them in the freezer for the months where this kind of food is “out of season.” Maybe I’m overreacting, but it seems to me that we have to totally take over what we eat.

  5. Diane Vigil

    Well, I think it’s a bit like the Beatles song: "Got no car, and it’s breaking my heart, But I’ve found a driver, that’s a start."

    Meaning, we have no garden at this moment, but the food sealer we could get. :)

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