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Whole Foods VlogIt’s amazing what you learn when you’re a Web geek (don’t worry; that’s a good thing in the web design industry). As it turns out, Whole Foods Market has a "vlog" — which, to us mere mortals, means a "video blog".

A blog, of course, is a website that allows you to publish articles, and carries the latest articles on the home page. Like this website. The word "blog" is a contraction of "web log" because people were using them for online journals. Like Star Trek’s "Captain’s Log" but on the Internet. And a video blog features videos that you can view online — because we Web geeks are nothing without our ability to coin weird new terminology at a moment’s notice. But enough of the geek-talk. Where were we? Ah. Food.

So, even when we’re looking to go all-organic, that’s no promise that we’re suddenly gourmet chefs, so good recipes and tips can help us to create tastier, more enjoyable meals. Enter Whole Foods Market with The Secret Ingredient™ Video Blog.

You can also sign up for the Whole Foods newsletter there.


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