Today I was reading an article about genetically modified soybeans and just how that is done and was astonished to find out that food that has been tampered with can be dangerous to your health. In fact, consuming genetically modified soybeans can cause allergic reactions:

Beginning in 1996, bacteria, virus and other genes have been artificially inserted to the DNA of soy, corn, cottonseed and canola plants.

Apparently, bad viruses and bacteria are being combined with the DNA of these plants. In your stomach, these bad viruses and bacteria can have a bad reaction against the good bacteria that your body naturally has. Can you spell heartburn? Oh, yes!

Then there is the use of herbicide spray being used with the soybean crop. Below are some other symptoms that can manifest:

Symptoms of glyphosate [another word for an herbicide] exposure include nausea, headaches, lethargy, skin rashes, and burning or itchy skin.

So you can have heartburn and various other manifestations happening to your body just from eating genetically modified soybeans. What trouble is caused! Trouble you need to be aware of. This concerns your health and your children’s health. You could work hard all your life, only to give it up to a hospital and insurance company in the end.

Critics of GM foods often say that the U.S. population is being used as guinea pigs in an experiment. But experiments have the benefit of controls and measurement. In this case, there is neither.

Right. It is my opinion that we U.S. citizens are part of an overall grand experiment where we are being forced to consume all these toxins, poisons, genetically modified food — and the results, I’d say, are IN. I don’t have to be a PhD to notice after eating that piece of soy lecithin chocolate candy, my stomach didn’t feel very good.

I remember when I was in my forties and I used to get heartburn from eating fast food hamburgers. I couldn’t figure it out. Finally, I called these fast food hamburgers "chemical burgers" and I stopped buying fast food meals completely. I rarely got heartburn afterwards. At that time, I’d drink milk and it didn’t alleviate the heartburn. The milk was grocery store bought. I didn’t know any better.

Another is to avoid products containing any ingredients from the seven food crops that have been genetically engineered: soy, corn, cottonseed, canola, Hawaiian papaya and a little bit of zucchini and crook neck squash. This means avoiding soy lecithin in chocolate, corn syrup in candies, and cottonseed or canola oil in snack foods.

So the moral of the story is don’t buy genetically modified anything because eating them causes bad reactions. Like ALLERGIES! Heartburn! Lethargy! Headaches! Skin rashes! Burning or itchy skin! I think it’s time to re-evaluate that potato chip cooked in genetically modified canola seed oil that you are putting in your mouth.

Crunch, crunch, swallow. Ask yourself if it’s worth suffering through all those manifestations that can crop up.

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2 Comments for "Heartburn and Genetically Modified Foods"

  1. Reticuli

    Soy Lecithin all by itself can cause heartburn in any form.

    Genes from bacteria and viruses have been spliced into some crops to produce the chemical markers or related capabilities to ward-off or be resistant-to certain pests. So you’re not ingesting those bacteria or virus. But it’s certainly possible to have allergic reactions to it.

    The modifying of crops to be more resistant to pesticides, that’s very true, though. It’s frightening the levels of Round-up that Monsanto has made their stuff resistant to, not to mention getting international aid groups to use their stuff under license in third world countries… with patents in-tact. What that means is the farmers aren’t allowed to re-use the seed from their crops to grow next season’s. Thus we’re in a perpetual welfare world where the corrupt companies like Monsanto keep making bank off their patented products that they’ve bribed public officials here into exclusively using for foreign food aid programs that wouldn’t be necessary if we just gave them unpatented seed in the first place.

    Not too dissimilar to HIV treatment programs, where poor countries would like to just make generics for people who otherwise can’t afford them but American and British pharma use our international legal clout to prevent that. Instead, taxpayers here (again) end up having to buy the drugs for poor third worlders. It’s just one big ever-expanding racket. Is it really any surprise, though? You didn’t think all these rich f—s flying around in their own private jets and high-priced whores were getting their money fairly, did you?

    On another soy note, soy beans are not particularly healthy to begin with. Even non-GMO beans are loaded with toxic stuff. And even if you ignore that, they’ll cause gas as much as any bean, but I digress. They must be heavily processed through ion-exchange to produce, for instance, protein isolates that are truly safe to eat and comparable to other food stuffs. Yet soy protein that has not been processed in that way is in practically ALL processed food. No companies are processing them properly even though it is understood how to do it. About the only soy anyone should be eating are certain types of aged & fermented traditional soy foods, and then in moderation.

    There are just a couple big chemicals/foods companies on the planet who control most of the soy. The “Soy is Healthy” meme is largely a myth and marketing hype. The research often cited THEY funded. It’s bogus. I know it comes as a shock, paricularly to hippies and vegans, but you’ve been had!

  2. George Vigil

    Your data is very much appreciated, Reticuli.

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