Organic Pastures Raw Cream Organic Pastures is a privately owned dairy based in Fresno, California, selling their raw milk, raw colostrum and raw cream in Los Angeles, as well as other places.

We happen to make our own ice cream. We use raw cream and raw colostrum and turn out some pretty smooth strawberry, vanilla and orange ice cream. Somewhere along the line we’ll make chocolate. We also use raw colostrum and raw milk for some icy-delicious ice milk.

It turns out that I wasn’t thinking at all before when I was having a problem obtaining raw cream for our organic ice cream. All I had to do was put in an order and Organic Pastures will fill it at the store where I purchase my milk products. We now purchase raw milk, raw colostrum and raw cream from a local health food store named Lassen’s Natural Foods. The prices are reasonable, and someone from Lassen’s calls me when our raw cream order is ready to be picked up. It becomes very convenient for me — and running out of ice cream is now a thing of the past.

Okay! The Organic Pastures raw cream is not organic. [Added: it IS organic; see my correction below] But it’s straight from the cow — cows not given antibiotics or growth hormones. And since it’s raw, that means that the cream isn’t cooked or pasteurized. We are consuming real, nutritious, no added "ingredients" ice cream! We use organic agave instead of processed sugar. And, so far, I haven’t been putting on extra weight.

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14 Comments for "Organic Pastures sells fantastic Raw Cream"

  1. Diane

    Why do you believe that Organic Pastures Grade A Raw Cream is “not organic”? To the best of my knowledge, Organic Pastures’ standards go well beyond organic! Ask Organic Pastures Dairy Company for a copy of what it takes to qualify for the “Raw USA” dairy label.

  2. Diane Vigil

    Hi, Diane. I’m just taking the data on on the label — it’s certified raw, and states that "We never use antibiotics, hormones or genetically modified organisms" but aside from the company name (Organic Pastures), it does not use the word "organic" at all. However, I’ll be happy to ask about the “Raw USA” dairy label (and I hope you’re right!).

    Thanks for calling my attention to this. I’ve found the RAW USA comparison page which contrasts conventional, USDA Organic and RAW USA Certified, which pretty much shows that the RAW-USA certification goes beyond the organic standards.

    But, while I’m aware of the move to go "beyond organic" due to current USDA standards (wherein only the "100% Organic" designation means what I mean by "organic"), I’m curious as to why they wouldn’t also use the Organic label. Would you know? Or do they just not want to bother with USDA Organic?

    And I note is that Organic Pastures’ Raw Colostrum bears both the RAW USA and USDA Organic labels.

  3. Diane R.

    Hi again, Diane. If I remember correctly, when the USDA (under fellow native Nebraskan Mike Johanns’ ignominious leadership) savaged the USDA organic dairy standards in 2005 (?) to the point that cows did not even need to have access to pasture (which seriously degrades both the nutritional density and profile of the milk, as well as potentially impacts raw milk safety), I think Mark McAfee, who founded the Organic Pastures Dairy Company, responded by creating the RAW USA standards, which are really just the old fashion way raw milk used to be produced–naturally and according to Mother Nature’s blueprint.

    Mr. McAfee is always happy to discuss all things raw milk with anyone who asks, so please check my facts and memory for accuracy for the benefit of your readers. As for me, the McAfee family and their precious bovine ladies saved my life from the ravages of Crohn’s disease after the drug-model-dependent doctors left me debilitated and in the throes of kwashiorkor.

    Best in health,

    Diane R.

  4. Diane Vigil

    Diane, thank you for the data, and I’m glad that you’ve recovered.

    I have to say that I’m pleased to stand corrected, and I very much like the idea of going "beyond organic" — it’s obviously so much needed given the preposterousness of all but one of the current USDA Organic standards. We’ll do our bit to get the facts and help spread the word — but we do appreciate hearing from you.

    (I’ll also throw in a definition: kwashiorkor – Severe protein malnutrition, especially in children after weaning, marked by lethargy, growth retardation, anemia, edema, potbelly, skin depigmentation, and hair loss or change in hair color.)

  5. Lynn Cameron

    Hi Diane,

    The links you give above provide a perspective not often thought about by those searching out, acquiring and consuming safe raw dairy products. Keep up the good detective work.

    It’s always heartening to see the support of Organic Pastures who have done and continue to do so much to support the Campaign for Real Milk ( that Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts instituted. Their information is available in 14 languages.

    Californians are fortunate to be able to buy certified raw dairy in retail stores. Here in New York state, we are able to purchase farm fresh milk directly from the few farms that have been certified to sell it, and it is not a popular law with officialdom. Folks who live elsewhere can find out what the law allows in their own states at

    Happily sipping the real thing,

  6. George Vigil

    Thanks, Lynn.

    We’re currently looking into why Organic Pastures has the USDA Organic label on the Colostrum but not on the raw cream or milk. I talked with a representative of Organic Pastures and she told me that their milk, colostrum and cream are all organic. She also told me that Organic Pastures’ milk, colostrum and cream are above USDA Organic and so the words Raw USA was coined by the owner. So there is a bit of confusion as to the labeling on the milk and cream not having USDA Organic there somewhere, like the colostrum does.

    Still, I like the products very much and from what I’ve been reading about raw dairy, I sure am glad to go back. Back in the early 70’s, I used to buy raw milk and cream from a dairy down the road from where I used to live in Utah. There were times when I would watch the cows report back to the milking bays from the green pastures.

    George Vigil

  7. Lynn Cameron

    Lucky us, George.

    It’s so, so worth the effort to find raw dairy and use it in all manner of healthful ways from kefir (cultured milk like yogurt) to cream soups/sauces to ice cream.

    I, too, got raw milk in the 70’s – from a friend’s Idaho farm. The sad part is that I was into my no-fat phase back then, and I skimmed off the cream and gave it away! I’ve been wised up since then, though, by studying Sally Fallon’s and Mary Enig’s excellent manual, NOURISHING TRADITIONS – The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. It’s widely available these days, and if you buy only one cookbook this decade, choose that one.

    These days, I use about 10 gallons of raw milk a month for just my husband and myself. I get it from a USDA Organic dairy about a 90 minute drive away. I’m learning a lot about dairying from the nice young farmer who takes special care of our growing number raw milk groupies.


  8. George Vigil

    Hi Lynn!

    You can add me to the raw milk groupies. We’re tending toward being a raw cream groupie too. We are purposefully eating a lot of ice cream to see if we are putting on weight. So far, we’re not. Every thursday, we’re picking up six pints of raw cream from Organic Pastures. So far, we’ve found we like the organic strawberry icecream best, of the various flavors we make.

    We don’t have your expertise in the field of complementary health, but we can tell when something is good for us: we feel better, have more energy, don’t get hungry as much, don’t put on weight, don’t get some wild cravings.

    By the way, I called Organic Pastures and asked about the organic label not being on their raw milk and raw cream and I was told that this is a labeling issue. They already have it in the works to place the organic label on upcoming milk and cream products.

  9. Diane Vigil

    Thanks, Lynn. I’m ordering the Fallon/Enig book right now. should have it delivered to us shortly.

  10. mark mcafee

    I love our raw cream also….

    FYI, we are certified organic by the USDA and COFA. We are now placing the cerified organic label on our products. For about a year we did not do this even though we are certified. Being organic has virtually nothing to do with being safe and raw and grass fed. Organic is sold out and bastardized so badly that I was actually ashamed to be considered in the same dairy crowd.

    We are certified organic and we have placed our certificates at our website to prove it. is a much more sustainable set of standards however.

    If anyone would like a copy of our organic certificate please call 1-877 RAW MILK and we will fax it to you.

    All the best,

    Mark McAfee
    Founder OPDC

  11. George Vigil

    Nice to meet you Mark McAfee,

    Thanks for the data; we had already clarified your organic standing through your dairy. It couldn’t be more direct information. Grass fed cows make the best milk products!

    I find it fantastic that the term "organic" isn’t always what people think it means.

    As for Organic Pastures, we are customers. We make some of the creamiest organic ice cream that can be made — and it’s actually good for us. Not like the store bought stuff.

    Again, thank you for your post and clarification.

    George Vigil

  12. Diane Vigil

    Hello, Mark — what a pleasure to have you here!

    I had initially "thought" that OP raw cream was not organic after I photographed the bottle and looked closely at the label; as you can see from the comments above, we stood happily corrected shortly thereafter. After I surmised (correctly, this time) that perhaps Organic Pastures simply had not updated its labels, we contacted your dairy and were told that that was indeed the case, and we were happy to say so here. Our apologies for the confusion, as we love your products.

    In fact, George later posted his article Organic Pastures Raw Milk, Colostrum and Cream are above Organic standards — which also references the RAW-USA organization and the most excellent RAW-USA Comparison Chart.

    I can understand your position on the subject of "organic" — unfortunately, that’s the term most people are familiar with and the labeling they’ll look for, if they’re aware of the meaning of the labeling at all.

    At any rate, thanks for stopping by. We’re real fans of Organic Pastures products, and use them on a daily basis. They are delicious as well as nutritious.

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