In my opinion, it’s obvious that eating organic food will improve one’s health, merely by the fact that it hasn’t been tampered with genetically or been affected by chemicals that are usually bad for your health, such as pesticides, preservatives, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and any number of chemicals used to process food like MSG.

For some reason, we have gone into an "all food must be treated" … "for your safety and health" phase. But the illogic of the so-called problem is obvious. It is using a solution that is likely to cause mass problems for a great deal of people. (It also sells a lot of chemicals.) And this so-called solution is so bad that it is my belief that it actually feeds a voracious health industry that can wipe you out if you have one single fatal illness despite having insurance.

All these different illnesses are moving through society like a wild fire being fanned by gale force winds — illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, obesity, and liver and kidney disease.

The food industry with all its chemicals and processing is, in my opinion, making a lot of people ill with potentially fatal illnesses. To me food is the common denominator, not some gene that causes obesity or whatever. Let me make myself clear: processed FOOD, conventional FOOD, is what is causing a vast majority of body illnesses and problems. How about another French fry from that fast food place — you know, cooked in partially hydrogenated oil? This stuff is toxic.

Couple the toxic chemicals used in your food with the toxic chemicals in your immediate environment and the "this small amount won’t hurt you" public relations statement isn’t adding up to anything logical.

Look around your own home and find out how many toxic chemicals you come in contact with each day. List them out. Make sure you know what a toxic chemical is (such as bleach, ammonia, etc.).

Now look at your processed food and find out how many chemicals they include that are toxic or bad for you body, such as MSG, a taste bud enhancer, preservatives, like sodium.
Sodium alone is not so good (unlike sea salt, which has many more minerals in it). Make a list of these chemicals and find out what they are. Don’t forget to look at that soda pop and ice cream. You will find that a vast majority of these "ingredients" are NOT GOOD for your body. And, if they’re labeled organic, find out from their labels what their percentage of organic components might really be. [See chart]

Take both lists and estimate just how much your body is under attack on a daily basis.

Your various body systems can become lugged down and stay that way. Then any old bug can come along and take root because your body is being overtaxed and not working like it should. After a long period of time of being overtaxed, a major illness can take root too.

What’s the solution? Find substitutes for the toxic chemicals in your environment. Demand food that is not full of "ingredients" that tax your body systems. And chances are your body will work a lot better and will do its job that much better — and one might not tend to come up with the catastrophic illness that breaks the bank and then kills you.

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1 Comment for "My opinion: non-organic food and health"

  1. Diane Vigil

    This is an excellent article, George. Thanks for delineating what one needs to do.

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