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Mercury PoisoningIt’s hard for me to believe that someone would decide for me that mercury in silver fillings are okay … well, here we have that authoritarian "we don’t think it will harm you" adjudication again. But they’re apparently not addressing the issue of mercury poisoning.

Mercury is highly toxic, poisonous and inimical to our bodies. When I had all the silver/mercury tooth fillings taken out, I had an upsurge of energy. My ears stopped ringing. I did better physically. So don’t tell me that small amounts of poison won’t adversely affect me.

You can also ingest this poison — and get mercury poisoning. Say, when you eat some tuna fish. It’s a bit of a dice game with the tuna fish. And I don’t suggest get fillings partly made of this highly poisonous substance. If mercury is toxic and not good for you, how then is it okay in tooth fillings?

Let’s see what mercury poisoning is all about:

Definition of mercury poisoning

Mercury poisoning occurs when a person has ingested, inhaled, or had skin or eye contact with the toxic (poisonous) heavy metal mercury and suffers damage to his/her nervous system and other systems of the body.

Elemental mercury, also known as quicksilver, is mercury in its metallic (solid), elemental form. Elemental mercury is also referred to as mercury-zero. It is frequently found in the home in glass thermometers. It is also found in fluorescent light bulbs, thermostats, some pesticides, switches, preservatives, some paints, and in some dental amalgam fillings — although there are often mercury-free options available. In the past, according to a State of Michigan publication titled Mercury Poisoning, it was used as the active ingredient in ointments, animal worming medicines, antiseptics, disinfectants, diuretics and fungicides.

Elemental mercury can be converted by bacteria into a charged ion (an electrically charged atom or group of atoms) known as mercury-two. There are two dangerous aspects to this form. First, unlike elemental mercury, it readily dissolves in water and combines with other ions to form new compounds. Also, bacteria can change mercury-two into one of mercury’s most toxic organic compounds, methyl mercury, which is easily soluble (capable of being dissolved) in water and thus finds its way into the food chain, where it poisons fish and other animals. Unfortunately, methyl or organic mercury accumulates in fish and many have such high levels that they become unsafe to eat.

Inorganic mercury takes the form of various compounds known as mercuric salts. Mercuric salts are used in various folk medicines, particularly in some Chinese herbal preparations and in some Mexican remedies. Exposure to mercuric salts over the long term can cause kidney and nerve damage.

Symptoms of mercury poisoning
The symptoms of poisoning from inorganic mercury may include nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea, and decreased urination. If inorganic mercury is applied to the skin, the skin may eventually redden or discolor. Skin contact with inorganic mercury can lead to nerve damage. The symptoms of nerve damage are weakness, numbness, and tingling.

The symptoms of organic mercury poisoning include fatigue, headache, depression, memory problems, hair loss, tremors, and/or a metallic taste in the mouth. These symptoms are also caused by many other common conditions, so organic mercury poisoning can be difficult to diagnose. A person who exhibits these symptoms and also eats a lot of fish might be more quickly suspected to have mercury poisoning.

~ From Answers.com: mercury poisoning
[Bolding added for emphasis]

If you have these symptoms (and I’m not a doctor), you’d of course need to determine whether you had mercury poisoning or some other poisoning. The above symptoms give you an idea though the mercury poisoning symptoms cross over into food poisoning symptoms too. You still have to "experience" the illness too, perhaps, show up at a hospital if it’s too bad. From a person who’s experienced mercury poisoning, it’s not very fun. Especially if you have to work. Again, if you have been mercury poisoned or any other type of food poisoning, it’s good to have those acidophilus pills to take or organic RAW milk ready to drink. I hope it passes fast — and check with your health care provider.

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2 Comments for "What is mercury poisoning?"

  1. Nick

    I read you article on mercury poisoning and think that it must be true that it will do all those things you suggest it does. Best treatment would be fruit and vegtables.


  2. Diane Vigil

    I know what you mean, although the quoted paragraphs come from Answers.com.

    Fruit and vegetables are a good idea, though.

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