This is my opinion regarding organic fats, organic ice cream and organic food in general.

I just finished an update on our consumption of ice cream and I got to thinking about how come I’m eating so much FAT (cream and colostrum have tons of fat), and am I not gaining weight?

It was pounded into me that eating fat WILL put fat on you. Only, problem is, you need to eat fat for the body to run reasonably. Okay. Apparently, our body cells need fat.

Looking closer, one could ask what kinds of fat are we eating. I’ll try and keep this simple: some fats, such as partially hydrogenated oils, are poisonous to our bodies. Go to the fast food places and purchase some French fries. They were deep fried in this bad fat that you just salted and dipped into catsup and stuffed into your mouth. Hmm!

Many restaurants are finally changing over to something hopefully healthier.

Well, it is my opinion that when you place good fat in your body, such as fat from organic cream or organic colostrum, your body breaks it down and uses it; business as usual.

But when you consume partially hydrogenated oils (take a look at processed food labels), your body is being poisoned and it is no longer business as usual. You’re taxing your body systems: liver, kidneys, intestines and circulatory system. You are lugging down that engine unnecessarily for whatever reasons you have: time, money — we could have a million of ’em!

One could then in one’s later years run into health problems beyond the normal situations.

Eating healthy can prevent illnesses.

George Vigil

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2 Comments for "Organic Fats: my opinion on organic food and ice cream"

  1. Diane Vigil

    I think you’re onto something here, George. I’ve found that organic milk (including the ice cream) feel more like food than their non-organic counterparts. So even if you’re eating ice cream, you’re getting the kind of nutrition that we (used to) pretend we were getting with conventional foods.

  2. George Vigil

    Yes, Diane. It’s also troublesome when we eat so-called healthy or natural icecream and we gain weight. And when we eat our own organic ice cream we don’t put on extra pounds.

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