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Organic Ice Milk

As I was writing the organic ice cream article, it struck me that, with our first forays into using our new ice cream maker, we’d actually been making organic ice milk. The difference, as you probably know, is that ice milk is less rich than ice cream due to its lower fat content.

That doesn’t mean that it has to be any less tasty than ice cream. Our vanilla ice milk was great. But … a little ice milk, a little fruit juice or a few coffee sprinkles or organic chocolate shavings, and you just might have something there!

We’ve been using organic agave (ah·GAH·vay) as a sweetener (see Organic Agave: the honey substitute). As I said in the Organic Ice Cream article, you could use honey or –gasp!– sugar; it’s your choice and we’re not here to dictate what anyone can eat. I will say that, if you use agave, you won’t feel the need for sugar.

Organic Ice Milk

Amount Ingredient
2 cups organic colostrum* or milk
1 cup organic milk
To taste organic agave (sweetener)
To taste organic vanilla
* Colostrum is a thick yellow fluid, rich in protein, growth factors, and immune factors … secreted by the mammary glands during the first few days of lactation

Put ingredients in a bowl; whisk to mix, pour into ice cream maker, turn on for 25 minutes (to taste), and you’re done.

One note: the ice milk gets pretty hard when you store it in the freezer — there’s nothing in it to keep it soft (or to "preserve" it). No matter. Just spoon it out of the container, let it sit for a few minutes, and you’ll have a nice desert.

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  1. Organic Pastures sells fantastic Raw Cream

    […] We happen to make our own ice cream. We use raw cream and raw colostrum and turn out some pretty smooth strawberry, vanilla and orange ice cream. Somewhere along the line we'll make chocolate. We also use raw colostrum and raw milk for some icy-delicious ice milk. […]

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