I’ve been semi-researching quite a bit lately, and wondering whether food cravings and sugar are related. First, a shorter definition of "glycemic index":

The glycemic index ranks foods on how they affect our blood sugar levels. ~from lowcarbing.com

Next, from SugarBusters.com, which states that "low-fat foods are full of" sugar:

"… The culprit isn’t too much fat, it’s too much sugar."
"… Sugar causes the production of insulin, which, in large amounts, keeps you from losing weight, no matter how strictly you diet or how often you exercise."

Then, from carbs-information.com:

Over-consumption of high-glycemic-index foods has been linked to food cravings and disordered eating patterns, as a result of repeated surges and falls in blood-glucose ("sugar spikes").

Together, these seem to paint a picture. I’m wondering whether it isn’t entirely possible that the relative "addictiveness" of certain foods could be caused by no more than added sugar, or sugar inherent in the food itself. And whether the "need" for certain foods could be caused by the fact that it jacks up one’s metabolism, precipitating the later drop in blood sugar which then causes a "need" for more — a sugar drop can be pretty intense.

I don’t drink, but does alcohol jack up your blood sugar level or does it not?

I’m not suggesting that the only thing that causes weight gain or food cravings is sugar. I’m quite sure there are other ways. For instance, potato chips are not a known weight loss food.

And I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, but hey, you know? Isn’t it possible that food cravings and sugar are very much related?

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