Does it get better than this? I was innocently web surfing the other day, and accidentally (not because I would be looking for anything like this, mind you) discovered Russell Stover organic chocolate. I’d known about Russell Stover chocolates for years; they’re elegant and delicious … but not organic. Well, as it turns out, that’s no longer true. They’ve got organic:

Russell Stover Organic supports the growing farming community dedicated to rigid organic agricultural practiced that respect the Earth’s natural balance. Our ingredients come from the eco-friendly crop management practices which avoid the use of long lasting pesticides, herbicides or genetically engineered seeds. Dairy cows are provided with only organically grown feed, fresh air and outdoor access. And we’ve achieved USDA sanctioned Organic certification: assuring you of products that are at least 95% wholly organic.

Aha. At least 95% organic. That gives me pause. It may be one of those "not as good as it sounds" things, due to the USDA’s recent recharacterization of "organic" so that "organic" doesn’t mean what we may think it does (kind of like the word "natural"). See our article, Definition of Organic Food takes a hit (it’s a fast read).

I would have been happier if it had said 100% organic. On the other hand, I’ve been inspecting packaging in our kitchen, and find that most containers may carry the USDA Organic seal, but don’t declare what percentage organic their contents may be … so, if they say it’s organic, then it’s not 100% organic and is likely 95% organic. Confused? See the article, which has a quick-read chart.

Of course, with a little caveat about just what 5%-ish of its ingredients the Russell Stover’s organic chocolate may contain, it’s got to be miles ahead of conventional chocolate — and I do applaud them for being honest.

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