Or, what I failed to recognize and understand about what sort of health risks were involved when I shoved that piece of swordfish, tuna and salmon into my mouth.

Fishy FishMy wife sent me an article recently that had a lot of information in it about what fish it is "relatively" safe to eat and what fish we should avoid like the plague. It had some other interesting information as well. So I went to Answers.com and plucked some definitions for food poisoning and mercury poisoning. I also learned a thing or twenty.

For the article, see: MSN.com — Know Your Fish

Have you ever experienced food poisoning? It’s probably a stupid question like does a bear — you get the idea. It’s fantastic how many times I’ve been food poisoned. Go to a restaurant and get sick afterwards. Eat a fully processed TV dinner and get sick. I even ate some Halloween candy recently (a famous candy bar name bought from Costco) and I broke out in a sweat, had a metallic taste in my mouth, and went unconscious on the floor. I was only able to take small breaths. And, of course — my very favorite — I had the runs for three days. (Runs? It was more like a full-out sprint for miles.) Scaring my wife worse than the best horror film ever made. It scared me too. From a little candy bar!

We’ve stopped indulging in those sweets. We’re no longer paying money for such a "pleasure."

Here are a few excerpts from Answers.com for the definitions of Food Poisoning and Mercury Poisoning:

Food Poisoning: Food poisoning is a general term for health problems arising from eating food contaminated by viruses, chemicals, or bacterial toxins. Types of food poisoning include bacterial food poisoning, shellfish poisoning, and mushroom poisoning. The medical term for food poisoning is gastroenteritis. See full article at: Answers.com: food poisoning

Mercury Poisoning: Mercury poisoning occurs when a person has ingested, inhaled, or had skin or eye contact with the toxic (poisonous) heavy metal mercury and suffers damage to his/her nervous system and other systems of the body. Mercury, which has the chemical symbol of Hg, is one of a few elements that are liquid at room temperature; and because it easily converts to gas form, it is extremely volatile. There are three forms of mercury circulating throughout the environment, and all three forms are toxic to humans and many other living organisms in varying degrees. See full article at: Answers.com: mercury poisoning

There were times when I purchased swordfish from a well-known store here in Los Angeles and both my wife and I have gotten ill after eating it. It comes as a shock to think that you are buying something you think is safe, only to find out that you just ingested something that could poison you. And I’m reading this article about fish and it suggests how much you should eat during a given month. It’s like walking through a large area planted with land mines and you are trusting to luck that you don’t pick out the wrong fish and hoist yourself on your own petard (blow yourself up).

From this article (here it is again) one can find out which fish may have the most mercury accumulation and so you should avoid it. And which fish are in essence less dangerous to eat. However, over the long run, you could still be hoisting yourself on your own petard, because you could be taxing your body systems to the extreme. Go ahead, open that can of tuna.

Even the very energetic thirty-somethings could be affected by such food poisonings. Say one continues to eat food, that poisons you (you know because your intestinal tract just went –boom!– and you had to rush off to the bathroom), and say the number of times accumulates over a number of years, say into your forties, and you notice you’re not doing so well. You have less energy. Hell, your hair falls out or you start to have kidney problems and you feel much older. And no matter how far you jog, you’re not losing ANY weight. But, in fact, you are gaining more weight. Wait till you hit your fifties. And to boot, you have silver/mercury fillings in your teeth and all these official people telling you that all these chemicals in your food and poisons, like mercury, in minute quantities, well you should be able to handle it. I don’t think so. No! I definitely don’t think so!

Okay. Take the above scenario and apply it to your baby child or children or your grand children. Sobering. Isn’t it?

It’s not like we’ve cut sweets out. Oh no! We’re learning how to make our own ice cream. Vanilla, strawberry or anthing else we can think of. Only we’re going to use ingredients that are wholesome, natural and organic. Ingredients we can TRUST. We’re going to use agave, which can be too sweet (if that is possible) instead of processed sugar. We are looking for alternatives that are actually healthy and can cut down, hopefully to ZERO, the number of times we blow our bodies up with food or mercury poisoning. Because we’re not so concerned with shelf life as we are with a healthy life.

And we’re going to do our best to find out if making our own organic ice cream is going to put weight on us. We’ll let you know on that.

Hope this helps,
George Vigil

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1 Comment for "Fishy Fish"

  1. Diane Vigil

    Good point, George.

    There’s also the Vital Choices newsletter’s Chile’s Salmon Farms Accused of Drug and Worker Abuses:

    Regulations adopted by the United States and European Union restrict the use of antibiotics in salmon farming fairly strictly. But Chilean salmon farms are said to employ these vital human drugs in massive doses.

    According to Ecoceanos and other sources, Chilean farms use 75 to 100 times more antibiotics per ton of salmon, compared with Norwegian farms.

    Overuse of antibiotics can result in rising salmon-infection rates from antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and contamination of salmon steaks and fillets with antibiotic residues that can promote growth of drug-resistant bacteria in human diners.

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