We Want Organic FoodWelcome to We Want Organic Food (wewantorganicfood.com). We will be posting on many areas related to organic food.

My name is George Vigil. I’m going to be talking about organic food — and other foods that are good for us that are not classified as organic but nevertheless are minimally processed, unlike the foods one may buy at a grocery store which might be processed with any number of chemicals and preservatives. These, when taken as a whole, can affect one’s body systems adversely and thus adversely affect one’s health and survival.

We hope to gather together tons of data on organic food, such as: where to get it, legal definition changes, where not to buy food and how organic food is classified, and much, much more! That way, we will be educated on how to eat and stay healthy. Ignorance of what we swallow will no longer be a justification.

This will be an educational site where, hopefully, we’ll all get to learn more and make new friends while we’re at it.

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1 Comment for "We Want Organic Food Launches"

  1. Diane Vigil

    This is exciting. We’re live!

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